3 Powerful Steps to Overcoming All Your Challenges Before Christmas

Member feature : by Corné of VA Connect


All of us face trials and challenges sometimes, or should I say most of the time? It might be just me (although I doubt that) but it always seems like just when you navigate your way over one hurdle, the next one pops up out of nowhere. Bam! Just when you think everything’s going to run smoothly the next surprise awaits you. It may be in your relationships, finances, business or family life that you experience challenges; the bottom line is there is always going to be challenges. I’ve made peace with that fact. Which brings me to my favourite question. How do we navigate the challenges we face? How do we overcome the obstacles in our daily lives? So, let’s look at three powerful ways to climb those mountains and slay those dragons we are faced with oh so regularly…AND do so in time for Christmas.

Change Your Perspective

So often, the challenges we face are actually smaller than the problem with our attitudes. Read that again! Don’t think I discount myself from this statement. It’s one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned during the last 2 years. We can beat around the bush and make all types of excuses, but the truth is – IF you will allow yourself to evaluate your attitude, that most of the time, the challenge is a lot smaller if we first get our attitude in check.  Once we actually accept the fact that in life whether personal or professional, we will always have challenges, we are already in a better mindset to seek solutions to overcome those problems. Don’t let your perspective increase the size of the challenge before you actually evaluated the real situation.

Ditch the Theatrics

Ladies I don’t mean to step on toes here though if it will help you face facts and make progress, I will dance on your toes if need be! Sometimes we really need to get some emotional distance when it comes to objectively assessing a problem – and if the problem is an overly emotional dissatisfied client then all the more reason to collect yourself. Once again, I assure you this is a lesson I had a hard time learning. Don’t start defending, first listen. Don’t take it personally, even though we all know most people will without blinking an eye attack you personally. Don’t let their emotional response to what they deem a tragedy penetrate your armour. Stay calm, listen attentively, assess the situation and start planning how to solve the issue.

Quit the excuses

When you’ve assessed the situation and determined how to solve the problem, take action. Even if you just know the first thing to do, then just do the next logical thing – at least start resolving the problem and take it one step at a time. If it’s a major problem, then break it down into manageable action steps so you won’t become overwhelmed. For heaven’s sake don’t procrastinate when you need to deal with issues. Face them head-on. Nothing will eat away at your time and productive energy like trying to hide from a problem. I don’t have to tell you this! Sadly, there’s no such thing as a fairy godmother that will make all our problems disappear.


The Secret is…

You don’t need that fairy godmother, you’ve got this! Don’t doubt yourself. Believing in yourself and following these easy steps we discussed just now will go a long way in helping you to remove unnecessary mountains from your life.


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