3 Useful Ways VA’s can help you build your Online Business

Member Feature : by Jutta Dudley of V-Assist

The pandemic and ensuing lockdown have prompted many to seek online businesses they can start. In this series, we will be giving you some great ideas to create an online business.

Today we talk about 3 useful ways that VA’S can help your business.


1. Transcription services

This is an easy to set up business in which you make contact with people (particularly legal services) who often require recorded meetings, or court sessions, to be transcribed to text.

It takes some time and is usually billed by the minute/page or audio hour. What is required is:

  • Typing and listening skills – It helps to be able to type quickly and efficiently
  • Accuracy – Accurate transcription of the actual conversation is imperative. Wherever the recording is too poor to be heard then this must be indicated in the text
  • Confidentiality – Invariably the content of the conversations will be confidential and you will in many cases be expected to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

Transcribing conference calls minutes

Secretaries sitting taking shorthand for minutes at a boardroom table are a thing of the past, but minutes still need to be done. Simply send V-Assist the voice recording and we will do these for you, efficiently, accurately and promptly!

If you are the Entrepreneurial type that favors setting up, managing and selling someone else’s work – remember that V-Assist are experts at transcription services amongst many others.


2. Newsletters and Email Promos.

Newsletter designs and publications

Knowing how to compile the right content for a newsletter and getting it out to your existing and potential clients is a skill. It is not enough to just relate news about your business but to engage and excite clients with useful advice and promotions that will benefit them.

E-mail promotions

Effective e-mail promotion should be visually appealing, have strong headers and give good reasons for clients to use you and not your opposition. You can count on V-Assist to do a great job of creating, compiling and effectively distributing both these types of communications for you.


3. Research and Surveys

It is essential in these times to create businesses that work effectively online so you can continue to grow. Here is the third thing that a good Virtual Assistant can help you with…

Product Research

This is a great time to look at expanding your product offerings. Maybe you were dealing in cleaning chemicals and that can now be converted to sanitizing sprays? Researching new products is yet another of the many services that versatile V.As like V-Assist perform.

Market Surveys

Prior to launching that new product you need to know what is the demand for it and where? Who is your target audience – and what’s their opinion of what you’re offering? Once again you can leave it to V-Assist to do a great Market Survey.


Time for change

Our motto is ‘It’s about time’ and we know that this is a time for a change.

Change is inevitable

The changes brought out by COVID-19 will be far-reaching and permanent. Online business is here to stay and we, already well versed in the virtual world, can really help you to succeed in this space.

For more information about Jutta Dudley and how V-Assist can help your business, please do visit our members page.