4 Tools That Will Change How You Deal With Your VA

Member feature: by Marcia Vorster of AdminAssist


We live in an age of tech start-ups and an ever-increasing array of productivity-enhancing tools. The good news is that most of them have features tailored to the needs of small businesses, including free accounts! These tools will help streamline communication, workflow and increase productivity within your team – without breaking the bank.


WhatsApp Voice Notes

WhatsApp has boomed as a platform that allows the flow of information to continue unhindered. One nifty little function that might just make the smallest difference is voice notes. Confirm the process with your virtual assistant beforehand, but if it’s all systems go, using voice notes can save you the time you would’ve spent typing detailed instruction emails. Rather send instructions or even ideas via a voice note. Alternatively, send multiple voice notes each outlining a task you’d like done. Voice notes also work very well for dictation. If you’d like your VA to type a document or email, dictate it to her over voice note and she can draft it by listening to the voice note.


Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets

If you are currently sending versions of documents back and forth via email – stop! Mainly because it means not knowing which one is the most recent version. Furthermore, having to upload and download various edited versions can be confusing and cluttered.

For efficiency and accessibility’s sake, rather move to an online storage platform such as Google Drive where the documents can be edited and shared. The most recent versions are always available to all parties wherever they are. Programmes such as Google Docs or Google Sheets streamlines comments and suggestions while tracking actions and replies to comments simultaneously.



Teamwork Projects is great for ensuring your VA has everything they need to manage projects with lots of moving parts — and still deliver high-quality work on time.

Whether you’re in the same room or not even on the same continent, Teamwork Projects lets you work together in real time to collaborate, plan, manage and report on the work that matters to you and your business.

It gives your virtual assistant the trust and flexibility they need to do their job, while still ensuring transparency and accountability for all stakeholders.



Keeping track of billable time is at the centre of determining the cost of a resource, in this case, your Virtual Assistant. Harvest takes it a step further by allowing you to categorise the tasks that your VA is working on and managing them effectively. When you need to keep tabs on how much the time on a project adds up to or whether you need to curtail time spent on less important work, it is beneficial to invest in a tool that keeps it from turning into an admin nightmare.

Don’t underestimate the time you can save or the increase in productivity to be gained by letting your VA use the right tools. Being ruthless about what you spend time on and investing in tools that help you save time, is vitally important when navigating an ever-changing world of business where time is of the essence.


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