5 Chrome Productivity Apps for Virtual Assistants

Working virtually comes with many perks such as managing your own schedule, being in charge of your income and achieving a work-life balance. But at times, it can lead to many distractions that if not paid attention to, can take out a chunk out of your time and affect your productivity.

To help you, here are five Chrome productivity apps/extensions that you can use. Please note that you will need Chrome to be able to use these extensions. If you don’t have it installed, download it here.

1.  Stay Focusd

How often do we spend time on the internet browsing through things that are not work related? If you’re a freelancer, loads! This is because there is nobody breathing down your neck checking what you’re doing on your computer.

Stay Focusd is probably the most popular Chrome extension for maintaining focus when working. You can block internet browsing during work times, but if you need the internet to do your work, the app allows you to block certain sites and or choose certain hours to block the internet.

Once you’ve blocked browsing or other sites, there is no way for you to undo the action until the following day. This is to prevent people from fiddling around with the settings too much just so that they can break their productivity rules!

2.  Strict Workflow

This one is a great tool for those who lose concentration easily and need to work for short periods at a time. With Strict Workflow, you can enforce 25 minutes of work with no distractions and then 25 minutes of recess.

3.  Productivity Owl

The Productivity Owl controls your productivity by giving you a certain amount of time to find the information that you need on a website and then it logs you off. This helps you as a Virtual Assistant to improve your timing on work.

4.  Todoist

Experienced Virtual Assistants will know that they can’t function without a to-do list. This app can help you to manage your tasks more effectively. In addition, it includes collaboration features which are useful if you’re working with other people on a project.

5.  Productivity Pet

This app makes staying productive fun! You earn points for being productive which goes into keeping your productivity pet alive. If you fail to be productive, you lose points and your pet dies. The app measures your productivity with your task list and timers.

Download these extensions HERE.