5 Steps to Keeping Yourself Motivated

Member feature: by Tammy Nortier of VA Connect


Motivation – It does not always come easy to everyone but if you are to carry on and be successful in your business you need to find a way to get motivated and stay that way.

When you are part of a corporation there are processes in place to keep you motivated, but what happens when you are the one in charge? How do you keep yourself motivated in order to grow your business and motivate a team (if you are fortunate to have one)?

Join me on a journey through the 5 steps which can help you get motivated and hopefully stay in that zone as you build your empire!


Growing your business and being a successful entrepreneur has little to do with your skillset and what you can do and a whole lot to do with your mindset and level of motivation.

It is no secret that staying motivated in the face of adversity is not easy and many people fall off the wagon when it happens. But there are ways to stop this from happening and to help you get back up, dust yourself on and carry on regardless.

Below are your 5 steps to success.




Now I am not talking about the desire to make money, because come on let’s face it, we all want to be rich. No, I am talking about things like the desire to retire long before you are 65, or the desire to take a year off and travel around the world but without sacrificing your financial freedom.

When you have a clear idea of what your true desire is, the reason you are doing what you are doing, you will have no problem keeping your motivation beacon shining brightly as you head towards your end goal.






These can be seen as a set of values, something that gives you and your business direction.

It needn’t be a long drawn out statement, just something short and to the point that is easy to remember and speaks to the heart of you and what you wish to achieve.

Here are some mission statements of top entrepreneurs and business owners for inspiration.



Just like a household needs routine to get to the end goal – getting out the house for an event, getting the kids to school on time, having sufficient sleep, self-care and so on – so to does a business need routine in order for you to stay motivated and keep your eye on the prize.

Things like having morning rituals before starting your day, having blocks of time set out on specific days every week where you do the same thing i.e phone calls, email marketing things that can help you get more business.

It may seem tedious and boring but knowing what you are doing each day and having that accountability can go a long way in helping push up the motivation levels.




Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can also be extremely motivating. I mean, think of it as you wanting to embark on a new healthier lifestyle but every day seems like a struggle to get that green smoothie down, or to get a 10 minute workout in and then you see some of your friends or family members who also had the same thought and just went ahead and did it and every time you see them the results speak for themselves. That is pure motivation for you to get up and get yourself into action.

Exact same goes for your business journey. When you surround yourself with people who are on the same journey their successes can be your motivation, their challenges can be ways for you to learn.

Only have people in your circle who are going to support your journey and help you stay on track and keep your mindset in the motivation lane.




Finally, celebrate your wins, no matter how small they may be.

Perhaps you set out to gain 5 new clients this week but only got two – hey, that is two more than you had yesterday right? Celebrate your success and let others celebrate with you and keep pushing on because next week you may gain 7 new clients to make up for what you perceive to be the short coming at that moment.



Always remember, only you can hold yourself back. So keep your head in the game, celebrate the wins and share your success with others because when others cheer you on from the sidelines – there truly is no better motivation.

Onward and upward – may the motivation force be with you!

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