5 ways to get Virtual Assistance with you Social Media Marketing

Member Blog Feature : V-Assist by Jutta

I have been writing about the many ways that Virtual Assistants can help any small, to medium size, or even fairly large businesses. We have spoken about how effectively outsourcing can save you money and in fact even make you money! It’s possible though that one aspect of a Virtual Assistant’s repertoire of services that you may not have considered is with regard to your social media marketing!

It is no longer any secret …and you would have had to have had your head buried in the sand to not have heard about marketing via the internet and through social media. For smaller businesses in particular, this avenue of marketing spend is considerably less and in many ways far more effective than traditional advertising. Companies are coming to learn about ‘Content marketing’, which in essence is very similar to networking. It’s about building relationships with prospective clients instead of hard selling. You do this by creating visual or written content, like infographics and film clips for U-tube or Instagram, blogs or LinkedIn Articles like this one and just small Twitter or Facebook posts, posted regularly. They’re all about giving your prospective clients the information that they want and that’s how you engage with them.

So you know about it? – OK, but did you know that many small businesses don’t use this type of marketing just because of the time factors around it? You don’t have time to write articles – or post the posts – or respond to any engagement that you get from your posting – yes I get it – and believe me you are just one of many!

The good news is that V-Assist offer Social media marketing assistance and management as one of our premier offerings and would love to help you too. In what ways do we do this?

Well here are 5 ways to get Virtual Assistance with you Social Media marketing….

  • We help with what to post – Many people simply don’t know what content to write about or post. Remember we work in the Virtual realm and social media is our neck of the woods. Essentially you need to be giving your clients the information about your business that they want. We will, as your Virtual Assistant get to know a lot about your business and can tell you what you need to write about, or what visual material to put out there.
  • We use professional people to create content – I am unashamedly a part of a great network, the largest in the World in fact, known as B.N.I, which helps me as a Virtual Assistant to be able to source all the best professional people for every kind of job – and get the best deals – as members tend to give each other great discounts. All this is passed onto my clients and so they need never worry about creating content themselves. Content writers, artist and videographers are all at my disposal and they are all top people who have passed a rigorous test of being accepted into a circle of trust in their work.
  • We do the posting –We create a ‘content calendar’ ensuring your content and posts will be created on time and posted when it is the best time to post. Other than the material that remains permanently, as your ‘intellectual’ property, on your website, the window of opportunity on social media is small and timing is everything. Leave it to me.
  • We purchase relevant visual material – You don’t even have to worry about the purchase of the visual material that accompanies your text. We can do that for you too. We also know the right people to create visual material, like infographics builders and videographers.
  • We follow up on your posts – Because the whole point of marketing on social media is to engage with people, follow up is essential. We respond to any engagement with your business, or responses to your posts or adverts. Effective communication on your behalf is one of our strongest points.

I hope these 5 ways to get Virtual Assistance with you Social Media marketing has convinced you either to embark on social media marketing, or at least allow V-Assist to assist you with it! Check out our full range of services on our website and the many ways I can help you …and contact us to talk about how we can help with your specific requirements.