9 Super Impressive Cell-Phone Hacks

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If you’re a Virtual Assistant, you’re probably doing a lot of work on your phone. Perhaps you’re on the road and use your phone to keep up to date with clients, or you just prefer the ease of having a smaller device to complete certain tasks.

If that’s you, here are nine super impressive phone hacks:

1. Increase storage capacity

The most common problem people experience with their phone is the lack of storage capacity. Most people overuse their storage capacity quickly with music, apps and images.

Luckily, with cloud services, you can save your documents/files in a virtual system that doesn’t take too much space on your phone.

What you need to do is download the Google Drive app if it’s not already installed on your phone. Send your files to this app each time you see your storage is getting full.

You can also set Google Drive to automatically backup your data at certain intervals. Google Drive also acts as backup service that stores all your data so that if you were to lose your cell phone, you would still be able to access your information from the online version of this app.

Make sure to delete the originals on your phone so that you can clear up some space.

Improving battery life

Do you find your cell phone dying often? Here are some tips to improve your battery life:

2. Switch off the vibrate function

Phones use a lot of power to vibrate when it rings. By switching it off, you conserve your battery life.

3. Choose a dark background

Your phone uses up more battery to light up white and lighter colours than to lighten up dark colours. If you use a darker background, you save battery life.

4. Turn the volume down

Just by turning down the volume, you save your battery. This is especially good if you’re a VA that gets a lot of calls daily.

5. Use Blackl

Chances are you’re spending a lot of time browsing the internet. This kills your battery. Consider swapping Google Search for Blackl, the fastest way to save battery life and search the web on your phone with the help of an HD 3D widget.

Other hacks

6. Supercharge your phone volume by placing it in a pint glass
7. To mute a caller that you don’t want to speak to, hold the volume button down
8. If your phone is frozen, plug it in the charger to unfreeze it
9. Use the DiskUsage app to identify what uses most of your data