Are you an Octopus Mom?

Member Feature: by Jutta Dudley of V-Assist

As a Virtual Assistant who is herself a working Mom, Wife and friend to many, I can totally empathise with the many working Moms that I assist to get through their ridiculously busy and sometimes simply impossible days! So this begs the question – Are you an Octopus Mom?

Why an Octopus Mom? Well I for one have had to grow several ‘tentacles’ as “extra” limbs to assist me with my daily chores and balance these in between my home-based business. Sometimes I’m even a ‘juggling’ Octopus – keeping all the balls in the air whilst performing a myriad of tasks.

Time and focus

The two things at which I have learned to become an absolute expert is time management and maintaining focus. It is through these skills that I am able to make my home based business a Virtual Assistant business to help other working Moms in need.

I squeeze whatever extra second I can from every day. At times I find it hard to maintain my priorities in my business, home and personal lives and still stay focused, but I guess that’s my gift.

No parties in this kitchen!

I don’t have children but I do have two very spoiled kitties and a loving partner that still needs my attention. All partners/spouses/children/animals need food and plenty T.L.C daily, but as every Mum knows there’s an endless stream of dishes, washing, ironing, cleaning and children’s after school activities, or cleaning and cat litter trays, to tend to between preparing the perfectly cooked meal!

In spite of this I’m glad to say we answer our client calls with a smile and perform our V.A tasks with pride, miraculously meeting all of ours and our client’s deadlines and chores.

Eight days a week

We burn our candles at both ends (often just thanks to ESKOM load shedding again!) and sometimes after midnight while our families and clients sleep peacefully, knowing we have everything under control.

Eight day weeks are often looooong and seemingly endless, as weekends and public holidays simply melt into normal working hours, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The happy Octopus

You see I’m a passionate workaholic and a happy Octopus and at V-Assist we really do offer a superior service simply because we truly understand what it is to be a working Mom, Wife and Friend.

For more on Jutta and how her business V-Assist can assist you, please do visit our members page.