Are you feeling demotivated?  This is what I do to get up and keep going

Member feature : by Lindi of VA Connect


This week we’re chatting about things that inspire us.  Through the hustle and bustle of the past couple of months it really took me a while to think about it. We become so busy it’s ridiculous that you can’t even think about the thing that keeps you going when it feels like nothing’s working out.

Eventually I thought about how I feel when I start something new in my life. What motivates me to do it?  Suddenly it popped into my head, other people’s success.

Does it sound depressing? I hope not.  If I read the stories about people that stood up out of the ashes that used to be there life and start pulling everything back together I get chills.  And let’s face it most millionaires today worked damn hard for it.  Not that money is everything but that is one of many measures people measure success by.  Because with money comes versatility, you’re able to follow your dreams easier and you’re able to live the lifestyle you want easier.

A short success story I was motivated by recently was that of Rachel Hollis. If you don’t know the story here’s a quick overview…  She was raised in a house where her mother didn’t work, wanted to leave her father time and again but couldn’t because of their financial situation.  She was never good enough in her father’s eyes and that made her push harder and harder in her own life to achieve success. When her brother committed suicide life in her household became unbearable.  She decided the only way to get out of this mess is by leaving town.  So she worked her butt off to graduate from school early so she could go to LA and start a new life.

That’s exactly what she did.  It wasn’t rose petals all the way but she made it through hard work and perseverance.  Today she has a multi-million dollar company with a high school diploma and what she taught herself on the internet.

I mean if that doesn’t inspire you then I don’t know what will.

This is clear proof that you don’t have to come from a rich family to ‘make it’ in the world. It’s what you make of it.  Sure things might be tough now, but if you work hard and push through it’s always worth it in the end.

So do yourself if favour, if you’re feeling deflated and demotivated, go to Google and type in the name of one of the people that you aspire to be like and see how their story kicked off.  Most started from rock bottom with $2 in their pocket and a dream.  If you have a look at your own situation it’s not half as bad and they came out on top.

I hope my message will inspire you to find a mentor and follow in their footsteps.  Nothing that’s worth it comes easy, remember that. Even though I know very well, I need to remind myself every day.


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