Becoming a NEW YOU

Member feature: Mathuto Taole of ThutoGape Virtual Admin Assist (TGVAA).

This has nothing to do with NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS but has a lot to do with re-evaluating, re-writing, re-imaging yourself, exposing yourself to more challenges, opportunities, and positive relationships. As we grow our businesses this year, we must ensure that our inadequacies do not define who we are and what we want to achieve. 


What have you been exposed to in the past few years? 

If you want to be a different person, you must expose yourself to things that force you to move to the next level of your life. 


What is that plan? Have you looked at it and modified it? Will the amended plan get you to your destination? 

Previously, I wrote about VISION and GOALS. Becoming a new you cannot happen outside the goals you have set for yourself; the truth is, doing things the same way you used to do, and expecting a different result is pure madness.

To become a new you, you must collaborate with the power beyond yourself – God. 

In the past years, you have toiled by yourself, fear weighed you down, old ways of thinking and doing things were the order of the day – not anymore. Your general attitude towards life, your business, your fellow man, and anything that’s going to be birthed in 2022 must be birthed from the Spirit of God. Be intentional about becoming a new you. 

Ensure a fresh reconciliation for a fresh and new you. A new reconciliation for that vision and that business, as this is the perfect time to build again, build anew. It’s time for a real and lasting change, that must happen from the inside of you, show itself on the outside of you, and touch everything you are involved in.


For you to become a new you, it is important to break off the following:

  • Limiting yourself
  • Being anxious
  • Procrastination (not this year!)
  • Depression that overrules you
  • Reconciliation you made with bad and old habits.


In our previous blog I wrote, “Let the vision burn in your heart, such that when the challenges hit, you remain standing”.  

In 2022 the NEW YOU is an over-comer and strength that faces and conquers any situation head-on. Live and run your business purposefully in 2022.

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