Boost Your Revenue by Hiring a Virtual Assistant


Member Feature by Nombali Mabuya of Thuso VA Consultants

Virtual assistants (VAs) work remotely instead of being physically present in an office, like personal assistants (PAs). They can provide administrative support services anywhere in the world, either on an hourly basis or on a fixed fee basis.

Thuso VA Consultants offers business support which includes handling phone calls, responding to emails, arranging travel, scheduling appointments, and handling other tasks.

Businesses could save a substantial amount in operating costs by hiring an experienced virtual assistant. Because VAs only charge for productive time, they can maximize their efficiency.

The number of virtual assistants is expected to grow even more as remote working becomes more prevalent. Compared to larger organizations, startups and small businesses employ more virtual assistants.


So why would you need a VA?

If you’re unsure whether hiring a virtual assistant is right for your business, here are the top 10 benefits of hiring Thuso VA Consultants:

1. Cost-effective:
One of the key benefits of hiring us is that you pay a monthly package rather than an annual salary. This gives you a reduced long-term commitment and as a result, less risk.

2. You can cancel anytime and not commit to a lengthy contract.
We are available when you need us.

3. Time saver:                                                                                                                                                                        We relieve you and your team of routine administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Time is a limited resource that never returns once it is gone.

4. A pay-per-use model
We bill you based on the amount of time we spend working and the scope of work we do. Depending on your needs, VAs can offer you customized monthly packages. This method has several advantages, including setting out key tasks and maintaining budget control.

5. Grow your online presence
Whether it’s a website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, all businesses should have an online presence. Maintaining online channels is hard work, but you can’t ignore them. Virtual assistants can schedule posts so that they go out at scheduled times on your social media.

6. Regular reporting
We can provide you with a weekly or monthly report on the tasks they completed so that you can see how long each task took, helping you prioritize.

7. High quality of work
Virtual assistants are independent contractors, they know that their reputation and success ride on being productive and delivering value to their clients.
We are professional virtual assistants and strive to perform at a high level.

8. Streamline your operation
Virtual assistants are tech-savvy and have a wide range of experience in different software, they can help improve your office processes and services to make things leaner. We use time-saving hacks and automation to speed things up and generally make things work better.

9. You can allocate general tasks to Thuso VA Consultants:

• Administrative and office support activities
• Receptionist tasks
• Responding to, and filtering emails
• Word processing, working with spreadsheets, and creating presentations
• Organizing cloud folders.
• Internet research
• Data entry

10. Specialized tasks
Some virtual assistants specialize in specific areas, such as bookkeeping, social media, or content creation, while others offer more generalized administrative services

Nombali Mabuya’s passion is to offer you reliable and dependable VA services. If you would like to find out more about the services that Thuso VA Consultants offer, then please visit their website.