Creating Newsletters that work for you

Member feature : by Jutta Dudley of V-Assist


In my last article I took a look at creating blogs that work for you. We have explained why it is necessary to create these blogs, but you need to make sure they are working for you. The way they are written and structured can make all the difference.
Very much the same principles apply to creating Newsletters. They need to be structured in such a way as to ensure they are not just something cluttering up your client’s (or potential client’s) inboxes. Be cognisant of these important rules therefore, to ensure you are creating Newsletter that work for you…


Is the first impression working for you?

Grab their attention with an interesting visual and headliner with a good hook at the top of the newsletter. Amongst a myriad of other e-mails and newsletters – is yours standing out?


Is the content working for you?

Make sure you’re not just selling. That’s the quickest way to get the newsletter deleted. Provide interesting and useful content. This can be aligned with your industry, but make it entertaining and worth reading. Advertising should be limited to special offers that give your clients something.


Is the news working for you?

Whatever news there is should be placed after the interesting reading and then hopefully be interesting in itself. Is this news beneficial to your clients and how? Does it reinforce why they are using you and why they should continue to do so!
Don’t con your readers by creating images and headlines that look like there’s interesting info, but it is just irrelevant news. Most importantly, remember to speak their language. Many of your customers may not be familiar with your industry ‘speak!’


Is the structure working for you?

Keep the structure brief and to the point. As with blogs, use attractive images and interesting headliners to separate sections. Remember people read selectively and tend to brush over a lot of content, so keep sub-headers intriguing too.


Do you have professionals working for you?

Newsletters need to be professionally written, distributed on a regular basis (without fail) and delivered to the right people. We at V-Assist are seasoned professionals at creating and executing the distribution of Newsletters, so contact us to ensure that every newsletter is created to work for you. Your R.O.I and bottom line are, after all, our business!


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