Don’t miss out on getting a virtual assistant who’s worth her weight in gold

Member feature: by Annie Francis of VA Connect


Many entrepreneurs have thought long and hard about whether they really need employees when starting out on their business venture.  A Virtual Assistant is the answer.  This new generational trend is taking the business world by storm and is gaining more and more momentum.

The saying “time is money” is very true.  As an entrepreneur you should be dedicating your time to growing your business, making sales and connecting with people. As well as taking time for yourself to recharge your batteries, things like spending time with family or going away.  Hiring a Virtual Assistant will allow you to delegate the everyday necessary tasks, allowing you the freedom to remain creative and energised in your business vision.

Often, finding the right employee takes time to hire and train a potential person to become productive and an asset to your growing business.  There are things like pay and perks as well as space and equipment to think of.  This can be costly and waste a lot of valuable time.  Using a Virtual Assistant will give you all the benefits of a top notch employee without the work hassles of a traditional employee.  Many entrepreneurs don’t have enough work to keep their employees busy. Others might require more employees during busy business periods and fewer staff during quiet times.  Some may only require assistance during a specific project.  A virtual assistant will not need to be paid for a full work week.  You have the option to use her time for allotted time slots during the week or perhaps for a specific time on a daily basis.  Further to this, you can adjust your time bundles as and when your business needs change.  In a nutshell, you are only paying for the amount of time you need.

As an entrepreneur, you deal with a wide variety of tasks in different ways.  This can leave you feeling weary and often worn out.  Many entrepreneurs finish their day totally exhausted and wondering what they did during the day, and can find themselves on the road to burnout.  You feel like administration is weighing you down and stopping you from being the face of your new business.

For example, if you need to take a trip for a business, having a Virtual Assistant do all the searching and booking for the best flights, hotels, cars and itineraries, will leave you with adequate time to focus on the required preparation needed for all your important meetings.  She can do all the research for your business, the things that need to be done to lay a good foundation but keep you from focusing on driving your business forward.

Using a virtual assistant is the best way to help you and your business thrive.  She will play a vital role in your well-oiled machine and she will be worth her weight in gold.  I strongly recommend that all entrepreneurs who want to achieve great things hire their Virtual Assistant gem today!


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