Effective delegation means letting go!

Member Feature: by Jutta Dudley of V-Assist

There’s no doubt that you will have learned as an Entrepreneur that If you develop and improve your delegation skills, you will probably have a far more successful business and be able to attain the entrepreneurial freedom you’ve been looking for.

There are a number of business and entrepreneurial skills involved to effectively mastering the art of delegation. This article looks at one of them and we believe probably the most important one. We firmly believe that, first and foremost, effective delegation means letting go!

Don’t micro manage!

Effective delegation is in fact the art of assigning a task to someone who you believe is the right person for the job – but then being able to resist looking over their shoulder – or micro manage them. As one business Guru put it “Successful delegation is a real balancing act between letting go while simultaneously maintaining control. Sounds like an oxymoron but it is the key secret to success in this area.”

Where the Virtual Assistant comes in

In small to medium enterprises who, for a myriad of reasons, can’t just hire a staff compliment to handle every area of business, the delegation of tasks to a competent Virtual Assistant service has not only become the norm, but today seen as a ‘no brainer.’

Virtual Assistants do offer many and varied services, as we do in V-Assist, but it is still a good idea to delegate the right tasks to the right outsourcing businesses.

Get the brief right

By the same token you don’t want to be spending a whole heap of your time seeking the right businesses to assign specific tasks to. This is one of the advantages of V.As in fact, as they often will perform this function of finding the right people for the job – however the V.A Company you assign this to still needs a proper briefing!

Says Nathan Chan, creator and founder of Foundr magazine “You have to be extremely specific when you work with Virtual Assistant teams. You cannot expect anyone to work things out unless you showed them. It’s all about clear instructions so don’t leave anything to chance.”

Let go – and grow

So if you agree that effective networking is letting go – simply give a thorough and correct briefing to V-Assist, as we are also excellent networkers and can source reliable and effective service providers!

Contact us to find out more about our impressive network and ability to take a briefing correctly, so that you can with peace of mind, really let go and keep growing!

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