Every Virtual Assistant Needs These Tools To Be The Most Effective

Every Virtual Assistant knows that in order to be the most effective at what they do and to also streamline their client’s lives they need great tools.

Great apps and tools make your life as a VA so much easier! In this way you become more effective with your time management, which means you become more productive and at the end of the day you drive loads of value your client’s way.

What this means is, your client cannot do without you and so they won’t ever leave you! 🙂

I’ve selected a few of my favourite tools and I would love to hear your thoughts and input on them as well as the tools you prefer to use.

8 Best Apps & Tools for Virtual Assistants


Okay so this one is a given. Dropbox makes it super easy to share files and update documents so that other remote team members and clients can see your progress. The only downside for me is that if you don’t set the security settings correctly in place you could lose work as it’s too easy to delete files. Easy to use though and easy to install.


This tool is awesome! If you have large files that need to be shared then WeTransfer will do the job! Especially great if you offer design or social media management as part of your services.


Slack is like WhatsApp on steroids. Slack is a communications app that you can download on both laptop and mobile phone. Clients love it as they have direct access to their Virtual Assistant and it’s easy to keep track of tasks, instructions, files and so forth.


Another great tool who’s praises I always sing. Toggl is great if you bill by the hour and need to keep to track of time spent. The value add is that client’s can see where you are spending time and you can send them either a daily or weekly report breaking down this data for them.


You’ve probably noticed more and more clients are wanting their admin support to do a touch of social media for them. And Canva offers a great opportunity for you to do this. It’s an easy to use, online tool, where you can design blog post images, social media cover images, presentations and so forth. Definitely a winner!


I am so glad I was introduced to this powerful little tool. I say little, yet it offers, big benefits. Snagit offers screen-share, screenshots, video capturing, you name it. Plus you can label and tag your screenshots when you are training someone or need a visual to help explain to your client where you need assistance for example.


LastPass is the perfect tool for sharing passwords, and storing passwords of course! If you’re anything like me I have a myriad of dashboards I sign into on a daily basis, so LastPass helps me remember all these passwords. LastPass is super for when your client needs to share confidential passwords with you as his Virtual Assistant. LastPass acts as a vault and you don’t get to see your client’s passwords which is great for his peace of mind.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a great social media management tool. As Virtual Assistants you probably need to schedule blog and social media posts on your clients behalf, and Social Pilot allows you to link all of these social platforms to one dashboard. You can edit scheduled posts, go more than 6 months into the future for scheduling, you can download reports and so much more.

About the Author : Karen Wessels is the Founder of VA Connect, Africa’s largest and most successful Virtual Assistant Agency. They have been perfecting their craft since 2008 and boast a client base that spans the globe, from San Francisco to Singapore, the UK, Australia and a few other countries in between.