From Administration to Aviation – V.A.s should be versatile and tailored!

Member Blog Feature: AllInOne by Rosemary

I am a woman who has served extensively in the business sector, and with a passion to see others succeed through running their business optimally by making the right decisions. I realised when I embarked on the path of Virtual Assistance that it would take something special to really stand out.

This is not an entirely new industry and business owners may feel that they have a lot of choices when deciding on the outsourcing of Virtual Office solutions.

There are two questions to consider when hiring a virtual office solutions provider like my own business AllInOne. These include: do you need a versatile V.A? – Or do you look for experts for each need you have?

My opinion is that your best bet is to try to find a Virtual Office solutions provider that offers bespoke services to keep your virtual assistance as coordinated as possible and all under one roof! Therefore – from administration to aviation – V.A.s should be versatile yet tailored!

You need it all

If you need a well-coordinated office and to avoid outsourcing unnecessary staff then you need a versatile Virtual Office solution that is tailored to your needs!

From every form of administration covering the basics like; database maintenance, to ensuring your financial and tax matters are being covered, desktop research and events planning – (you pretty much need the whole administration and co-ordination spectrum to be covered).

V.A.s will do more at less cost because we only charge for the specific services we provide!

You need specialists

Project Management is a specialist service.  A good V.A solutions provider should be able to provide Project Management Consulting expertise that enables you to deliver optimally.

To give your business the competitive edge, you need to market it on social media. Our specialist services in this area cover the following: Photoshop, Video creation, editing and uploading, Graphic Design, formatting and infographics, Photography and Videography.

When travelling and or if you need support in events planning, then my Virtual office solutions business AllInOne, can offer you tailored services in these areas.

For more information on Rosemary and how her business AllIn-1 can assist you, please do visit our member page.