Get More Work Out of Your Employees this Year!

The average employee works 40 hours a week. Take away lunch breaks, secret naps and other little breaks, employees really only work for 30 hours. If you want to get the most out of people, you may need to motivate and inspire them–except, we’ve got an even better solution. Why not hire a virtual assistant to take care of the work your staff won’t do?

Here’s what we mean:

Meghan owns a small grocery store where she hired an assistant to handle the cash register as well as any other admin-related tasks. She normally let’s her assistant work with no supervision, but one day she took a casual walk down the isles when she noticed that items were misplaced. After confronting her assistant, she learned that packing and sorting wasn’t her forte so to speak.

Had Meghan understood her assistant’s strengths and weaknesses, perhaps she would not have asked her to do the packing, and rather gotten someone who could. But that’s not where we’re getting—the whole point of this little story is to show you that getting the most out of your employees may not just be about motivation, but about putting the right people in the right positions.

Have you considered a VA?

The most common complaint business owners have about hiring more people is cost. They feel they simply can’t afford to add more people to their team and hence inundate one or two staff members with work. Without a doubt, hiring employees can be costly, but have you considered hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) instead?

Virtual Assistants are home-based employees who serve you and your business remotely. They come at a fraction of the cost of traditional employees because:

  • You don’t pay any office costs
  • They get paid per hour or per project
  • You don’t have to provide company benefits
  • They don’t incur traveling costs

But, how much would a VA cost you?

The cost of a VA depends on:

  • Project size
  • Project duration
  • Rate and expertise of the VA you choose

To gain a better understanding of costs, read this blog How Much Does a Virtual Assistant Cost?