‘Get up, Dress Up, Show up’ 

~Regina Brett~

Member feature by: Natalie Irwin of VA Connect


I’m no motivational firecracker and I’ve definitely had many days when I wanted to give up, change my plans, or just crawl back into bed.  To me, staying motivated is not only about one aspect of life; work (although work does take up the majority of our time), or health, or studying, it is about the combination of all these, an overall lifestyle. An overall attitude.

Living a motivated lifestyle is never the same from day to day, but more of a journey of ups and downs. I recently read a post which said “Almost every month, I have a day where I get stuck in the mud of me.” I am sure many people can relate to that experience. We all have those days where we sink and need friends and family to find us and remind us of all the good that has been and all the good that still is to come. That’s life. That’s living.

Since I’ve become a little older and wiser, I have I realised I need a game plan to kick in as soon as I feel a blue day approaching. And as fast as those days come, they can also go away. In my previous company I worked with a young girl, she seemed to look up to me and enjoyed hearing the advice I gave her from my life lessons. I will share some of them with you too:

  • Have a list of people who know you, how best to help you when you in the mud, someone who knows when to yank you out, or to let you come out slowly on your own, or that friend who is happy to jump in and be stuck with you.
  • Don’t do anything you don’t have to do. Cancel things which can be postponed. Don’t feel guilty by saying no, you don’t always need to make others happy. Remember to be understanding when your friends cancel on you too.
  • Don’t make any life changing decisions. It’s not a safe place to be at that moment. Escape it by reading a good book or watching a movie. If of course you have the opportunity to do so. Being a mom it’s not always easy, I know, we can’t just drop everything and switch off, however plan for this and take time off before you get stuck in the mud.
  • On that same note, take a “ME” day. It’s a must once in a while. Go do something that recharges you. For me, that is going for a beautiful walk on the beach or in the mountain, a facial or pedicure, or sometimes It could also just be getting errands done – I feel good when I get to tick things off my to-do-list. Don’t feel guilty about a “ME Day” – everyone needs them. Mom or no Mom, wife or no wife, we all need them.
  • There is always retail therapy. I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t enjoy just a little shopping. Everyone likes a “To Me, From Me” gift. I also love to buy little things for others so they know I love and appreciate them.
  • Look after your health! This should be number one. It is the one thing money cannot buy and the sooner you start respecting and appreciating your body the better. Healthy body = a healthy mind!
  • Put your problems into perspective. Take a trip to the moon and look back at the universe, the world, your country, your city, your suburb, your house and you. We are so incredibly small in the wider scheme of things. There are billions of people on the same planet with problems bigger than yours. And to think that our lifespan here is only a blink of an eye in relation to existence, we really are not here for a long time, but for a good time.


Don’t be scared of the muddy place. You are just experiencing some turbulence. The plane is safe. The pilot is good. You’re in the right seat of life. You just hit a patch of bumpy air. It will pass.


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