Why hiring a Virtual Assistant will benefit your Startup

So you may have been wondering of late that you would like some help around the office, yet you just can’t seem to get to the point of hiring a full-time employee.

“As entrepreneurs, time is our most valuable commodity (MVC). Money will come and go, but once you’ve invested your time into something, that time is gone forever. It stands to reason that if there are any actions we can take as business owners to free up more time in our daily routines, we should take them.”

― Chris Ducker, founder of VA Staff Finder and globally recognised author

Perhaps your budget doesn’t allow for another salary or there just isn’t enough work for a full-time person, yet there are too many projects for you to handle right now.

Your growth solution

Enter Virtual Assistant. The organised, always on call, fast, efficient PA you always wanted, just virtually. There are many benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant one of them being that you don’t need to hire a full-time person. Therefore you won’t have the expense of recruiting and training a person to type those Excel spread sheets just the way you like it or to respond to emails with your personal quote of the day.

While your Virtual Assistant is managing all your day-to-day administrative tasks you can focus on those tasks that will bring more income to your business. Or with your new VA on board you are now free to take up that networking breakfast once a month or to hit a couple of balls on the fairway during the working week.

Truth be told VA’s have been around for the last two decades, however, their popularity has grown thanks to demands in the corporate world.

Specifically on the African content and in South Africa itself the term Virtual Assistant is becoming better known by the day. Many business people are only now starting to enjoy the pleasure of having an efficient, effective Virtual Assistant to organise their working day for them.

A toast to the Virtual Assistants who make it possible for the rest of the business world to be successful and on top of their game! A VA makes the impossible possible.