Holiday Plans for this Virtual Assistant

Member feature: by Annie Francis of VA Connect


Going to the Kruger Park is our most treasured annual family tradition.  A time for our family to make memories and bond, laugh lots, recharge the batteries, eat too much and connect with nature.

The car has been serviced, the provisions purchased, cameras and laptops charged and CDs ready.  The WhatsApp group has been set up for our friends to virtually travel to the Kruger Park with us.  They get quite demanding, needing their daily fix of stories and photos.  The tricky business of packing the Jimny will begin shortly, I mean how does one fit into a small car all the supplies that you could maybe need?  That being said, we always do, albeit that we need to navigate potholes or bumps in the road with caution.  There have been times in the past when my darling daughter has slammed on brakes to miss a bird or a giraffe in the road and the binoculars have found a way to connect with the back of my head….kids!!!

Kruger holds many fond memories for my family, all of which get recorded in a book that has been going on holiday with us ever since we started making this yearly pilgrimage to Kruger National Park.  If you look back at the trips in the past it is always funny to remember the things that have happened.  For instance, hyenas giving your car a wash after the rain (thank goodness we started the car before they ate our tyres), having the lions surround your car and you have no option but to switch off the engine and wait for the King of Beasts to have his daily snooze, or for your car to almost stall when the Matriarch elephant decides you are way too close to her baby.

There have been times when we have chased monkeys from our brunch merrily sizzling on the skottel, or have an arm wrestled with the monkeys over a bunch of grapes or a carrot cake.  In each instance, the monkey won!  We have survived the most severe heat and attempted to race out the park being chased by huge storms, only to be delayed at the low water bridge because the river was in flood.

It is these memories that keep us going back every year.  There are still many things that we have to spot.  This year the same as every other we are going with renewed vim and vigour to try and catch a glimpse of the elusive wild dog or sable.  Will we see it?  Only time will tell.

Kruger National Park is known as the best place on earth.  For us, it is the place where we feel at peace.  We are privileged to be able to experience its beauty and tranquillity and to be able to use its power to heal our souls.



To all the wonderful Virtual Assistants I wish you a truly, peaceful and happy Christmas surrounded by everyone you hold dear!


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