Be honest ! Honesty is the best policy

Member Blog Feature : SS VA by Samantha

I received a request via Facebook for a client starting up his business and he needed some assistance with his bookkeeping. Great call introducing ourselves and setting up our first meeting. A couple of minutes later I started planning my meeting and it hit me that perhaps he needed more than bookkeeping, like perhaps Tax returns, and submitting this correctly and needing someone who knows what can and cannot be done for the best returns. I then decided to call him back and ask him if this isn’t what he meant by assistance of bookkeeping and he replied yes he needs an end to end accountant which I replied to say I am not the right person however can point him in the right direction. So yes perhaps lost a new client however because of my honesty and phone call manner as he mentioned he directed me to his sister who needed a VA and happy to say after we met I have a new client and looking forward to working with her.

I have found that many people are starting off a new career or looking for clients to grow their business so why not assist each other to grow and in return someone will help you by referring someone to you. I find word of mouth is still the most powerful way in marketing your business and you never know what each person can add to your business. Then the most important part is not trying to make the most profit from one project with them but making it reasonable so you have a client for a long time instead of the once off only.

Help each other grow in their business and it will only come back to you ten fold !

“One of our greatest tests is to see if we are able to bless someone else while we are going through our own storm”

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