How I Got Here

Member feature : by Rowanne Booysen of Rose Assistants

Living in a society where entrepreneurship is a key asset, I started to notice with our every changing global situation, that we started to work from home more due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Sitting in a lock-down and not being able to keep my hands still, I started researching the statistics on the Virtual Assistant Industry and how I can offer a solution to companies that are not able to afford full time PA or Secretary. However, I came to a shocking encounter that many Virtual Assistant organisations are based overseas, such as in the USA or United Kingdom.

As I looked at the various organisation’s I made another disturbing discovery that there is nothing specific to our South African market. Taking a chance on myself, I gambled on the prospect of establishing my own, home grown, true to self, a South African Virtual Assistant Business. Rose Assistants. A gamble worth-while!

Within my organisation I have established a platform that answers to your needs and supports you all the way with excellence. The longer we sat in a lock-down varying from level five to level one and back to a level three lock-down, I researched the true meaning of what it is to be a Virtual Assistant in a time like today. The words that stood out to me were convenience, professional administrative, technical, and creative assistance to my clients.

With this New Year upon us my goals are to be PROFESSIONAL!

To me professional means the following: competence, diligence, dedication and loyalty to my clients. My vision for Rose Assistants is to be known as a positive and dynamic tool within a virtual set-up of the office. In addition, I strive to be one of the most innovative, client-centric and devoted Virtual Assistants.

For more information about Rowanne Booysen and how Rose Assistants can assist your business, please do visit our members page.