How to Advertise Your Services as A Virtual Assistant

There are plenty of Virtual Assistants worldwide and now that it’s becoming a more popular method of employment for entrepreneurs, a career in the field can be rewarding. One challenge Virtual Assistants may face is knowing where to find their clients. If you’re a freelance Virtual Assistant and you’re not tied to an agency, here are ways you can best advertise your services:

Blog Writing and Press Releases

One great way to establish yourself as a Virtual Assistant guru is to start your own blog and to write guest posts for other blogs as well. When writing your articles, make sure you use the keyword “Virtual Assistant” for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes. This will ensure that when someone searches for this keyword you will be ranked higher in those results.

The more you write, the more the internet recognises you as a thought leader on the topic. Another tip is to have a uniform message across all social media platforms. This means having the same username, profile picture and bio. This will help people to find you easier. These profiles should all link to your blog.

Finally, make sure to have an opt-in button on your blog so that readers can request your services easily.

Twitter Cards

New entrepreneurs often use Twitter to look for Virtual Assistants. This is a perfect platform if you’re a newbie.

Create a Twitter Card (advert) with the services that you offer. Customise the audience for your advert:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEO’s
  • Bloggers
  • Other Freelancers

Freelance Websites

Join as a freelancer on websites such as Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer and UpWork. These websites contain plenty of jobs for Virtual Assistants just like you. The benefits of joining these websites include

  • Secure network
  • Payment is guaranteed
  • Expectations are set from the get-go

Email campaigns

You can also get clients by emailing strangers. Collect email addresses by searching the web for small companies, then email each company with the services that you offer.

LinkedIn ADS

Just like Twitter, LinkedIn also has an AD platform. The great thing about LinkedIn is that it is already better placed for recruitment. You can place ADS directly targeted to people looking for your services and only pay for each successful sign-up.

Facebook ADS

Create a Facebook page and then share your blog posts to that page. “Boost” these blog posts so that it can be seen by the right people. Facebook also allows you to:

  • Promote your website or blog
  • Promote your sign-up button
  • Create a video slideshow of what you can offer

These features can contribute to improving brand awareness and helping to bring your services to those who need it.


These are some ways that you can advertise your Virtual Assistant services. Ultimately, the onus on making sure that people know about ‘YOU’  lies with you. You can be a great Virtual Assistant, but if you don’t know how to market yourself, you may have very little work coming your way. Let us know which ways you advertise your services?

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