How to Become Good at Typing

Most Virtual Assistants don’t consider their typing skills when they pursue a career in this field. We have found that even those who type for a living such as writers and bloggers don’t pay much attention to their Words Per Minute (WPM) or accuracy either.

It’s practically impossible to be a writer with poor typing proficiency, but whether you are a writer or not, your typing skills matter.  Learning how to type properly can save you time in preparing documents or even in sending emails.  It will also increase your employability. By adding this skill on your CV, you can stand out from other VA’s who can’t provide the same service to their clients.

How to improve your typing skills

Most clerical jobs require a typing speed of at least 35-40 Words Per Minute (WPM). Executive assistants require more than 60 WPM.  As your speed increases, you’re less likely to make typing errors.

Have you ever sent an email and later kicked yourself because of a typo? We all know the feeling.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn how to type properly. Besides timing yourself and working at getting better, you can join an online typing program. Online typing programs test your typing speed and accuracy, then provides the right tests to help you improve.

The good thing about these programs is some are free and web-based so you don’t have to install any software nor leave your location.

Here’s what you can learn in a typical typing program:

  • Proper posture – Your posture affects your typing pace and speed. Someone with a poor posture will find themselves tired after typing only a few words. Hence, a good typing program should teach you how to have a good posture when typing.
  • Lessons – A good program will teach you how to type with accuracy by knowing where the letters are on your keyboard without looking too much at them. It will also build up speed with timers to help you type faster.
  • Games – You want to have some fun while learning how to type so that it doesn’t bore you to death. A good typing program includes interactive games that reinforce your skills.

Here’s a typing course you can try TypingMaster 10 Pro [Download]

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