How to Use LinkedIn to Promote your Virtual Assistant Business

LinkedIn is growing at a phenomenal rate.  If you have been with LinkedIn for a while you will have noticed the difference between “then and now”.  More and more people are realising the importance of using the different platforms of social media available to promote their Virtual Assistant businesses.

LinkedIn connects VA professionals with other business all over the world.  Where other platforms incorporate both personal and business, LinkedIn has always concentrated on business. Many people use LinkedIn to find new positions, advance their careers and network.  LinkedIn is a great promotional tool for Virtual Assistants.  Here are five tips to market your Virtual Assistant business using LinkedIn:

Create your VA Business Page

Virtual Assistants find LinkedIn beneficial when it comes to representing their brand or business.  Connecting your VA company page to your profile is a good move.  It allows you to post updates and add information that comes across much better from a business than from the individual.

Highlight your VA business on your own profile

Personal profiles allow you to present yourself as the “individual behind the VA brand” and build up a professional reputation.  Ensure your personal profile details your VA activities and links to the important pages like your website and twitter account.

Be up to date on your UPDATES

Post your VA news and developments of your business regularly.  Post can include completed projects, news coverage, creative tips and basically things that show your business is an active operation.

Participate in Groups

It’s important that you are active in groups and communities and interact with LinkedIn users.  Create bonds by engaging in relevant conversations.

Create smart content

LinkedIn is as important as your VA website and/or blog and the content you post should be treated with the same respect.  By using keywords that empathise your brand and by using clever and concise content you can show you are an expert in your VA field. Texts, news updates, personal profile notes should all be thoughtful prose.


LinkedIn can work if you use it sensibly and understand how it works best for you as a Virtual Assistant.  It works well if it is used together with your other social media platforms and social media marketing.  Update regularly,  utilise the features and embrace this tool that can empower your VA business.