Learning as a Virtual Assistant

Member feature by: Heidi Basch of VA Connect


Technology is changing the world we live in faster than ever and in many ways.  These changes can be seen in our homes, in our cars, in entertainment and particularly in business.   A Virtual Assistant who stays ahead of the curve works smarter.

Staying ahead means keeping on learning.  Because every business is different, a lot of the learning happens without you realising it.   You will be surprised how much you can learn about your client’s industry simply by researching them on the internet and following them on social media.

Ongoing learning is not like being at school in that you draw up your own curriculum and control what and when you learn.   There is a wealth of training available online so you can pick and choose.  Even a refresher on some basics could benefit you immensely.

Here are some of the things you can learn without doing a course:

Time Management

So, your routine works for you, and has done so for years.   When last did you have a look at tips from successful people, or do some revision? Have you had a look at how integrating your diary and contacts across devices can save you valuable time?   If you’ve tried this in the past and given up because of incompatibility have a look at new add-ons and get tips from user forums online.


Technology tips and tricks

Whenever you start using a new platform on the internet you are learning without realising it.  You are exercising your brain, improving your memory and working on concentration and focus.    But you can learn so much more by doing any tutorials available and getting a thorough understanding of anything this new product can do for you, instead of just learning how to do what you need to, to get the job done.

Software is continually being updated and improved.  Refresh your knowledge of tips and tricks for any software that you use so that you can work faster.


Lateral Management

You may think that you cannot control the demands your client makes of you and often put your private life aside to meet deadlines.  It impacts on your family as well as yourself, not to mention how it increases your stress levels.

One of the best things I have learnt is that it is possible to manage sideways.  This means that you can influence your client to work differently.  It’s delicate and you need to be very tactful.  Reading up on “lateral management” will teach you about better communication, guiding conversations, motivating people as well as convincing others.


Life is a journey and learning never stops.   You are already an entrepreneur and your own teacher.   Continue learning and be healthy, wealthy and wise.


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