Let your Vision Propel you Always

Member feature by : Mathuto Taole of ThutoGape Virtual Admin Assist (TGVAA)

“The type of person you are, is usually reflected in your business. To improve your business, first improve yourself.”

As an entrepreneur, your business strategy and vision propel you when things seem tight and seem like nothing is working. Remember your strategy. Remember your vision – the passion you had when you started your business, must be fuelled ALWAYS. What you are made of will overcome every challenge your business faces.

2021 must be that year where you seek after knowledge. The one who seeks after knowledge will deliver themselves into that desired life. It’s paramount to have the perfect understanding of yourself, your business, and your sphere of contact. In our incredible journey of entrepreneurship, it requires us to have a sagacious mind. This means that you can notice and understand things clearly which allows us to have continual victories; use what you have!!!!

Now TGVAA – Birthed by a professionalism deficiency in new business start-ups, the need for mentorship avenues, a platform for graduates to acquire skills, coupled with requests to provide support to businesses over the years. The unprecedented shift in the market in consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic caused significant disruption in various industries such as the technology industry – which led to several organizations working virtually. All these factors gave rise to the need to institutionalize TGVAA operations.

Let the vision burn in your heart so that when the challenges hit, you remain standing.

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