Life as we know it

Member feature : by Tash Naidoo and Jess Cloete of Simply Virtual

For weeks we have seen people from all walks of life come together, united in our mutual struggle during these uncertain times. No amount of money in the bank or social standing separates us from our fellow humans because we are all in the same boat. We have a new appreciation for our essential workers and have realized just how ‘essential’ these members of our community actually are. We have been forced to take a hard look at our lives and to dig deep and cherish all the little things because it is the little things that matter!

Something to think about …

For us at Simply Virtual, we are extremely grateful to be able to help businesses continue their seamless operations and in some cases have gently nudged others to take advantage of our expertise. This virtual space has made us more productive and we have settled into a lovely rhythm. We have grown personally and professionally and we are enjoying every new project and welcoming each and every challenge and – we still have time to enjoy the finer things in life like quality time with our loved ones and (more recently) outdoor physical activity. A little more about us:

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What now … We believe that life is all about balance and we hope we can help you find yours.

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Everyone is different and we cope differently with stress and adversity. What we can do is breathe. It may sound silly or impractical but here is a little breathing exercise to help you when you are feeling a little overwhelmed.

1. Empty your lungs of air
2. Breathe in quietly through your nose for 4 seconds
3. Hold your breath for 7 seconds
4. A hard exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds
5. Repeat 4 times

When you step back or ‘pause’ you will be amazed at how you can heal and grow as opposed to taking shallow breaths.

Or you could try stepping away from your desk for a few minutes every hour to fetch a glass of water and while you are doing this try not to think about anything other than your glass of water. Drink your glass of water and walk back to your desk and then pick up where you left off. Give these simple methods a try – you simply can’t lose 

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