New Ways of Client Communication!

Member feature by : Carl Coetzee of Amon Ra Travel and Tours (Pty) Ltd.

During the global pandemic of COVID-19, companies needed to change their ways of communicating with their clients, employees, and suppliers. Companies adopted virtual platforms to streamline communications as quickly as possible.

Amon Ra Travel and Tours (Pty) Ltd is a small independent travel agency that has always used online platforms to communicate with clients and suppliers in the past via email and WhatsApp. Due to the global pandemic, the company has enhanced its online presence by using the Discord platform to communicate with its clients and suppliers.

The travel agency has an official Discord server. The link is in the contact details below.


Some facts about Discord :

  • Discord started as a platform for computer and video gamers to communicate over the Internet while playing their video games.
  • Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy started Discord in 2015 as a way for them to communicate with each other while playing video games since they are avid gamers.
  • Discord has 150 million monthly users within 19 million active servers that people 4 billion messages daily.
  • When developing Discord, other communication tools were too complex and unreliable for them and others to communicate. Each server has two sections, a text channel and a voice channel.
  • The text channel acts similarly to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where people within the server can post pictures and information.
  • The voice channel acts similarly to Zoom and Skype where people can have virtual face-to-face meetings.
  • Discord has a direct messaging section that acts similarly to WhatsApp where people can directly message and phone each other.
  • According to the official Discord website, Discord is a voice, text, and video communication service platform connecting people everywhere.
  • Friends hang out, employees from different branches communicate, and specialized communities such as Warhammer hobbyists can connect and share their passion with others.
  • Communities such as Warhammer Hobbyist groups that want to communicate use Discord.

According to Zendesk, the use of Discord has skyrocketed due to the COVID-19 pandemic which is helping businesses like Amon Ra Travel and Tours (Pty) Ltd with connecting people. Page views have increased by 70% due to the increase in users on the Discord platform according to Zendesk. People still want to connect with their family and friends.

Amon Ra Travel and Tours (Pty) Ltd also uses the Discord server to communicate with fellow virtual assistants such as virtual assistants from the Virtual Assistant Association of South Africa. There is a dedicated text and voice channel for VAASA within the Amon Ra Travel and Tours (Pty) Ltd Discord server. It enables them to network and assist each other in promoting their businesses.

For more information about Carl Coetzee and how Amon Ra Travel and Tours (Pty) Ltd can assist your business, please do visit our members page.