How to easily overcome the challenges of working from home

Working from home is such a fantastic opportunity not to mention liberating at the same time! It can be a challenge, but as entrepreneurs we know the rewards can be great.

As working from home at times can be a lonely experience we’ve put together some easy to follow tips on how to overcome these challenges.

Set yourself achievable goals

Working from home means being highly disciplined, having to use your initiative and keeping motivated. Because of this it could mean that you start early and end late purely because you want to finish off every task before tomorrow. Remember to pace yourself, set boundaries for your clients and to draw up a daily goal plan so that you can check it off as you go along. Keep this plan realistic and achievable, as you only have yourself to keep you accountable!

Keep daily routines, including meals

It may sound funny, but it’s very important to stick to a daily routine, which includes eating healthily and at set times. Eat meals away from your desk. Allow yourself that time out, step away from the tasks and come back refreshed. If possible go for a quick 20-minute walk lunch time to clear the fog from the mind, it’s so important to keep active, to keep the endorphins flowing. Sticking to healthy regular eating and exercise equals better productivity and improved time management.

Avoid doing the housework during office hours

It’s so easy to quickly put in a load of washing or tidy up the lounge in between tasks. This is going to end up in becoming a complete distraction from running your business. Get organised and do these chores before the 9am rush or after the 4pm stressful time. If you allow yourself to do housework in between it could up becoming a huge distraction that you won’t be able to avoid.

Make sure you speak with other people

Working from home could result you in being so wrapped up in your work that you forget there’s a world out there. Make a point of at least once a week picking up the phone and speaking to each of your clients. You’re working virtually, so why not make your local coffee shop your makeshift office at least once a week? Interacting with other people is important to break your home working routine, it keeps it from becoming lonely and you get to mingle from like-minded people. You neither know what cool app you may be introduced to or what networking event you could be invited to. Like the saying goes, “Get out of the building”!