Top Tips on Offering the Right Services to the Right Clients

A question that VAs often ask – what services they should offer their clients. This will depend on what your client requires, what is in demand, your niche market, your skills, etc. 

  • Think about your niche and what tasks people in it might need doing.
  • Keep learning so you’re constantly honing your existing skills and adding new ones.
  • Consider charging a retainer for ‘bitty’ tasks.
  • Only offer services that you actually know how to do.
  • Only offer services that you actually like doing.
  • Don’t take on anything that doesn’t fit in with other clients, existing tasks or your main business objective such as being completely virtual or being able to work around family commitments etc.
  • Basically don’t take on anything that doesn’t tie in with why you decided to become a VA in the first place – it may be money coming in now but it’ll definitely become a problem you’ll need to fix later.
  • Watch out for people trying to save money on a large job when they should hire a professional Copywriter, Web Developer, Graphic Designer etc. instead.