Stilettos in the Boardroom

Member feature : by Annie Francis of VA Connect


Women are strong and passionate leaders, their natural instincts of taking care of people and working to a plan can assist them in becoming great leaders.  A successful woman leader is able to demonstrate great flexibly, self-knowledge and humility when striving to achieve her goals.  Many people will make the observation that a strong female leader make sensible decisions and that she will rely on her on their employees to be part of the larger vision that she has for her company.  When a woman is in charge she is mindful of the fact that there needs to be a balance between a person’s professional and personal life. She will tend to be more approachable, especially when it comes to family and private issues.  She will be aware that a happy employee is a productive and loyal employee.


Communication is very important to a woman leader.  People sometimes misjudge these leaders as being cold and tough, however they are caring and value relationships with their employees.  They use these relationships as a guide to handling and motivating their employees.  Enabling their employees to thrive and be productive at work helps women leaders to achieve their ultimate goal of a successful company.


By using their well-honed listening skills you will find that women leaders tend to collect all the facts before making a decision, thereby allowing them to take the right course of action.  A woman has a natural instinct to nurture and if she sees the value in her employee, she will do her utmost to ensure that employee succeeds.  As a multitasker and problem solver she will be able to deal with multiple issues at the same time whilst presenting a cool and calm exterior.  This is a very important aspect of great leadership and woman leaders are always willing to rise to the occasion.


If a woman is a leader she will be able to see which direction she wants her company to move in and she will be fully aware of all the pieces that she needs to be able to achieve her vision.  Her natural maternal instincts to nurture and inspire along with lots of hard work will help her to be able to turn her vision into a reality and to achieve the results she needs.


Most women who end up in this position will have risen through the ranks to become commander in chief, this enables them to be aware of all the various aspects that make up their company and this knowledge will stand them in good stead. Woman leaders will lead by example and they are not afraid of ruffling feathers and of hard work.  They expect their employees to buy into their vision and have the same work ethics.


A successful woman leader is not afraid of hard work and making tough decisions, she will carry this out with grace.  She will succeed in her chosen career and inspire her employees to be part of her vision.


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