Successful Entrepreneurs are the Ones Who Outsource Their To-Do List

Member feature : by Tammy Nortier of VA Connect


I see you there – yes you the entrepreneur with too much on your plate and no time to do the things that will grow your business i.e. networking, building business relationships and rubbing shoulders with those in the know.  You know this is what you need to do in order to build your empire …

But you cannot do this, or at least do it very successfully, if you are stuck in your office behind your computer trying to do the more mediocre tasks within your business.

These tedious, time-waster tasks could be anything from creating graphics for social media posts to market your business to trying to balance the books or respond to emails.

So how do you get all these things done but also be successful in creating lasting business relationships and collaborating with influential people at the same time?


In this blog I will give you an idea as to why successful entrepreneurs and business owners are the ones who know the secret of outsourcing.



Now let’s start at the beginning – when you first start your business you have all these amazing plans floating around in your mind of how it will be. How you will attend all the networking events and dish out your beautifully designed business cards and have a myriad of meetings set up by the end of it all – but then reality sets in and you find it is not quite like that at all.

You discover that there are so many admin tasks attached to your new business and there is only you – just you and your to-do list.

So, you start organizing the list and trying to find the priorities and then you see emails start streaming in and they all need attention – NOW! And before you know it the day is turning to night and you still have not touched what you set out to do, let alone plan for a networking event.

This scenario is not gold standard however it is something that happens to a lot of new business owners.  This scenario could go 1 of 3 ways:

  1. You as the business owner could leave the list and hope things will not compound by the morning and go off to get to know people who can help you in your business. (but your list will still be waiting for you in the morning with a few added ‘friends’)
  2. You can stay by your desk and carry on working through the list which seems like it will never end and not meet anyone that could be beneficial in your business journey.




  1. You research ‘virtual assistants’ and find that there are people out there who really want to be doing your admin, bookkeeping, social media, blog writing, newsletter campaigns, and, and, and ….

You call up one who seems to fit what your business is about and voila! Your to-do lists to-do list is no longer your concern.



The answer is a mixed one but for the most part the answer would most likely be yes.

It does really depend on a few factors such as:

  1. How good are you at delegating tasks?
  2. How well versed is the VA in your business and what it is that you do
  3. Does your chosen VA have the necessary skills to tackle your biggest pain points?
  4. VA’s generally have a few niche areas – do these coincide with what it is you need help with to alleviate the workload?
  5. Are you comfortable letting go of the reigns on a few things while you go out and showcase your business to the world?
  6. Can your VA help you network?
  7. Are you able to communicate well with your VA? If you do not connect and cannot understand each other it may be better to look for someone else who fits.


These are just some questions to ask yourself and they are definitely the things which can make you as an entrepreneur more successful while outsourcing.

Think of your virtual assistant as your new business partner in a sense – because, after all it is in the best interest of the VA to help you be successful and grow and in return grow and develop along with you. Therefore, letting your VA assist as much as possible is beneficial for you both.

Remember, when you have someone taking care of things behind the scenes you will also have more time for the things that bring you joy. Things like family time, spending time with friends, going to the gym and so forth – all these things will also contribute to the success factor within your growing business.



The conclusion is – if you feel overwhelmed by mundane tasks that need to be done within your business and they are sucking the life out of you and stealing your time away from, not only opportunities to grow your business, but also stealing time from your family and personal life – you need to look at outsourcing.

Outsourcing need not be a scary thing and when you find that VA who just gets what you are about – you are already successful, the rest that follows as you grow is just a bonus.

Happy outsourcing – see you on the other side of successville!


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