The best gift guide for Virtual Assistants

Member feature : Tammy Nortier of VA Connect


What’s that you say? 38 days left till Christmas?? It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner and I am sure the pressure to secure the perfect gifts for everyone – and the dog! – is mounting! So did you remember to add your Virtual Assistant to that list?

If you are still scratching your head on the that one and not coming up with anything that seems to shout VIRTUAL ASSISTANT CHRISTMAS GIFT, then you definitely need to be reading on…



Right, so you have a gift for mom. Dad, granny and the dog, but a gift for your VA seems like an elusive butterfly flying in the wind. Well, you would be surprised to know that buying a gift for your Virtual Assistant may be easier than anything else. After all, a VA (although we come across as super heroes sometimes) are just ordinary people needing pretty much the same sorts of things that all the common folk need.

But just to make life a little easier for you (as us VA’s tend to do) I have compiled a list of what I would say are some of the best gifts for Virtual Assistants and one’s that will be greatly appreciated.

Let’s take a look!



So here we are looking at things like an awesome new laptop, tablet or even smart phone. Maybe even a super set of headphones (especially great if your VA is a transcriptionist as well or just needs to block out the noise to get through the day).

Here are some products that may be useful:

  1. Apple Watch with Cellular – excellent gift for VA’s on the go, they will never miss a call or text again.
  2. Is your VA a lover of music? Maybe the Google Home mini is a good idea or even an Alexa from Amazon.
  3. Last but not least a really good HD Desktop camera like Logitech’s C270 HD Webcam



Your VA would also appreciate things that make working outside of the office a breeze.

  1. Laptop bag – This Anti-theft, waterproof travel laptop bag is great. Stylish, can hold various sizes of laptops and all the other things that one needs to take with.
  2. Wireless mouse – Logitech MX Master 2S was listed as the best on the market for this year
  3. A personalised flashdrive would be awesome too and show that extra special touch.



Now there are many online tools out there that are free and most VA’s start out by using these, but purchasing an annual or bi-annual subscription of some useful tools or software for your VA will be very welcome.

  1. Hootsuite – for scheduling social media posts without limitations (plus analytics and all that good stuff!)
  2. Canva Pro! – Canva has a free version and it is awesome, but the Canva Pro! Is sooo much better and your VA will be able to create amazing graphics for you from Facebook posts to ads, brochures and more! (so beneficial for your VA and a bonus for you)
  3. Drum Up – A new kid on the block, this is for the social media VA who just needs more. Punted as the #1 Social media and marketing app around.



As mentioned before, a Virtual Assistant is a normal person and has normal person needs. A big need is for that work/life balance and I can tell you from my personal opinion – a spa voucher is probably going to be the best gift on a more personal level.


A holiday in Mauritius or the Seychelles would be a close second!

You can also look at a book voucher or if you know your VA is a foodie a treat at an above-average restaurant would also be great.



Not much else to say except – Happy Shopping!  I am sure you will find something on this list that will be great for your VA or at least give you a little inspiration!



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