The Secret to Enhancing Your Business’ Processes for Maximum Efficiency

Member feature : by Corne’ Morrison of Virtually Centered Solutions


You’re halfway through this year and you realize with a bang you have slowly but surely fallen behind on your goals! Do you change your goals? Or do you change your plan? Do you settle for mediocre or do you gear down, buckle up and accelerate on the gas?

Sometimes we get so comfortable with the way things have always been (sounds familiar doesn’t it?) that we find it extremely painful when we realize we’re falling behind our competitors and we no longer have that unique edge to our business that came so easily in the past.

Good news! You’ve just successfully taken the first step to get yourself and your goals back on track, into the fast lane. To be honest, the first step is the hardest. As entrepreneurs, we hate to admit that we might need help. We’ve got a little rebellion hidden away when it comes to admitting our shortcomings.

I’ve had to admit that I can’t do everything by myself all the time and personally I don’t have the time or the passion for all the different aspects of my business.

“Life begins just outside your comfort zone”

If we want different results, we’ve got to change the process. That’s what I’m passionate about “the how”. Whether you have a formal or informal process in your business, you need to take a good long look at how you do things.

Evaluate your processes and make sure what you’ve got is serving its purpose, freeing you up to do what you’re passionate about so you don’t have to do everything – all the time!


#Step 1 – Categorize your processes

i.e. Marketing – Sales – Operations – Finance – Strategic Planning


#Step 2 – Define the goal of each category

i.e. Marketing: Getting potential clients to identify themselves as interested in your service or product.


#Step 3 – Map out each process

Identify the individual processes that you use under each category. Each step of your process may represent a “sub-process” or just be a series of steps or tasks you can now use to further break down into sub-tasks if needed.

If you completed the first three steps of this blog, you’ll have managed to successfully draft a “Basic Standard Operating Procedure” outline. These are the processes that you want to use for wash-rinse-and-repeat!

Once you’ve got your process drafted, it’s time to look at automating this workflow and your next step is extremely important!


#Step 4 – Research – Research – Research!

Choose task management or project management software or apps to manage your workflow that’s the right fit for you! It doesn’t mean if it cost $100 per month and your competitors in the industry use it, it will automatically fit your business needs and magically transform your business. The most effective solutions are often the least complicated!!

#Step 5 – Workflow Automation L-o-a-d-i-n-g….

Use your SOP outline (Standard Operating Procedure) to create the structure of your system. When you’ve got your outline start filling in the next level of detail taking into consideration any deadlines, due dates or recurrences as well as who in the business will be the responsible person to assign the task too.  Your process must be sequentially tested, and you need your structure to create easy to use checklists that can be duplicated and used with every new lead.

The best solutions are never overly complicated.

The beauty of the perfect system or process lies within its simplicity.

Some final thoughts

When you’ve done the hard work of creating standard procedures for your business, all it will take is to maintain any approved changes to the systems and procedures in the future. And take note of the fact that I’m saying, “approved changes”. Consider carefully any changes you deem necessary and if it refines and enhances your process, EXCELLENT, if not it may be time for a business procedure evaluation.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you to enhance your processes reach out and we’ll get in contact.


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