This Virtual Assistant Needs a Virtual Assistant!

Member Feature by Laylah Williams of Elite Desk.

When I started my virtual assistant business nearly two years ago, my goal was obviously to make an income and to be able to spend time with my kids as they navigate their way through life. My business has allowed me to meet so many new people and join networking events which have built my confidence not only as a person but also as a business owner.

As we reach the end of the year I can feel my body is taking strain as changes need to be made for the year ahead. I have realised that I need to expand my empire to include others – this virtual assistant needs a virtual assistant.

When we start businesses, whatever that may be, we try and do it all by ourselves which is great when you start because it keeps costs low, but what happens when you start getting those clients that you have been looking for and you end up spending more time on your clients than having a 9 – 5 job – burnout!!! I have had to step back the last couple of weeks to re-evaluate what I want from my business and where I see myself next year.

I have realised that planning is crucial in business even if you are only starting a side hustle you still need to plan around your current job to make sure everything fits and you still have time for family, friends and especially yourself.

The lesson I have learned is that we need a solid support system to function at peak performance. Just as I tell my clients, I am here to lighten your load, we also all need to do the same thing. I also understand how my clients feel when handing their tasks over to me as I need to do the same when handing work over to someone who can assist me – IT’S SCARY but I need to do this to make things run more efficiently.

So, after all this, I think we should all step back and re-evaluate what we have accomplished in the year and where we see ourselves moving forward in the new year.

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