This Christmas is the time to appreciate the small and big things that bring joy to you this season. One of the big things is spending time with your loved ones in the family and the small things would be enjoying the hobbies that you are passionate about.

The main thing about this Christmas season of 2021 is that it would be very important to meet up with family especially since this has not been the easiest thing to do with COVID-19 restrictions such as lockdowns and isolation. This Christmas Day I will be spending time with my parents, an aunt, and an uncle in Amanzimtoti which is an area of Kwa-Zulu Natal. We will most likely have a braai (a barbeque).

The other small thing that is important this Christmas season of 2021 is one of my hobbies which is playing a game called Blood Bowl, which is one of many passions in life. For anyone that does not know Blood Bowl, it is a game of fantasy American-style football.


How to Play Blood Bowl

Two players or “coaches” in the Blood Bowl terminology meet together and play with their teams against each other to score touchdowns. Touchdowns are similar to tries in rugby. Whoever scores the most touchdowns in about 16 turns is deemed the winner.


The other aspect of Blood Bowl is building and painting figurines of the team members which normally come unassembled in a box with instructions on how to help build the individual members of the team.

Currently, I have one assembled team and a semi-painted Blood Bowl team of Lizardman. The Lizardman team is made up of the following team members of the Skink Linemen, Chameleon Catchers, Saurus Blockers, and the Kroxigor which is their Big Guy that sometimes bosses everyone around.

The other team that I have assembled and still need to paint is the Black Orc Blood Bowl team which is made up of Black Orc Catchers, Goblin Linemen, a Trained Troll, and the star player of Ghoul Varag-Chewer Orc.

The other Blood Bowl team that I am still waiting to either get or to build are the Wood Elves with a Treeman Big Guy, Imperial Nobility Human team with an Ogre, and the Old World Alliance that is made up of humans and dwarfs.

This will keep me occupied this Christmas holiday season until the new year of 2022 in which I hope that everything gets back to the “old normal” and business picks up again for my travel agency and virtual assistant company.

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