Top 10 tasks any awesome online Executive Assistant can do

Member Blog Feature by Jutta of V-Assist

Even in the largest companies, company Executives are beginning to recognise and utilise the services of outsourced Virtual Assistants. This is for a number of reasons, the main one being the savings of money and headaches when cutting down on permanent employees, who in many instances are being paid even when their services are not really required. Virtual Assistants only charge for the work they do and as I have pointed out in some of my articles  I have even devised ways to actually make my clients money too!

There is still a misconception though, that Virtual Assistants can’t handle everything that a full time P.A can do and I know that there would be many more Executives taking on Virtual Executive Assistants if they realised the myriad of tasks that V.A’s actually can do. Hence this article on ‘Top 10 tasks any awesome online Executive Assistant can do’ …and I hope it puts pay to the P.A myth for once and for all!

  • Help with your ‘to do’s’ – It all starts with a diary – and time management is of the essence. Let me handle your Executive diary and set up your appointments and track your ‘to dos.’
  •  Manage your schedule – Having set up the schedule a A worth her salt will ensure that your schedule gets met and that everything that doesn’t get done is carried forward!
  • Book accommodation & travel – Yep, I can be your travel agent too! As a qualified travel agent with years of experience in this business, it’s all part of the service, if V-Assist is your choice of V.A!
  • Source & buy products and services – As a member of the world’s largest networking organization – B.N.I – I have hundreds of numbers and associations with reliable suppliers selling the highest quality products.
  • Handle incoming client contact – As a proprietor of my own business, I have the experience to handle client contacts efficiently and ensure no new contact opportunities are missed!
  • Data entry – The capturing of data to tabulate a businesses’ progress, or for many other reasons, is a tedious task, but that’s exactly why Virtual Assistants are hired – to do the things you don’t want to!
  • Transcribing audio or video – Another tedious, but sometimes essential task, is the transcriptions of presentation or meetings material. Leave it to me – I’m all ears!
  • Invoicing – Not every administrative accounting task needs to be within the realm of a Bookkeeper. After handling my own invoicing for many years, this is now one of my areas of expertise.
  • Find & book restaurants – This is a typical time waster for any Executive, but something that needs to be done to ensure meetings are held in the most convivial environment and at reasonable cost – Leave it to me…
  • Events management – This too is not necessarily something that needs to be separately sourced to Events Management people. I work with and have a great understanding of exactly what is required for the efficient organisation and follow up of business meetings, functions, training workshops and even family or business celebrations!

 If this ‘Top 10 tasks any awesome online Executive Assistant can do’ has convinced you that my business V-Assist is eminently qualified and has all the expertise to ensure the seamless function of any Executive’s busy working day, then contact me to start saving (and making) money and learning that true peace of mind comes through those who have a real passion to add value to your business!

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