Understanding your worth as a Virtual Assistant

Member Blog Feature : SS VA by Samantha

If I look at my hourly rate I use to earn in the corporate world to what my hourly rate is now as a VA, I question am I charging too much or too little per hour.

Starting off from scratch is one of the hardest things I have done so far in my career or life for that matter. I researched the rate charged for a VA and offered the going hourly rate however it seems much harder than just saying this is my rate and finding the right client to accept it. Even though I have so much experience in what I offer I have nothing to show as a “Virtual Assistant” as everything is from my previous work I have done. So how do I prove to my prospective client that I can give them more than their money’s worth. Starting up a business is not for sissy’s that is for sure but I need to start somewhere and need just one client to give me the chance to prove myself and from there I can at least prove that I have done it and done it well.

So saying this I find myself reducing my hourly rate for someone to give me that chance but there are cons in doing this. My prospective client could now be asking, Why has the hourly rate reduced, and why wasn’t this originally quoted ? My “soon to be” client could also ask why I am charging so little compared to the average VA out there ?

I guess it comes down to perseverance and confidence in finding the right client who gives me the chance and in the not too distant future I can look back and remember the first client who took a chance on me and pay that forward sometime to a new start up company who also just needs one person to give them a chance.

To all the new startup companies out there who have decided to take the plunge instead of trying to find another job which have become so few and far between I wish you all the best and know it will all be worth it after all the long hours and working to grow your business and all the sweat and tears were worth it.

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