The Real Way to Sell Virtual Assistant Services – No More ROI!

Want to know what keeps a lot of VAs from charging what they’re really worth?

It’s that all-too-common belief that “I am not a sales person.” Combine that with a healthy dose of “It’s rude to discuss money,” and you can see why it’s just easier to keep your rates low.

It’s time to think of your services from a different angle. Not only will you see things in a clearer light, but selling suddenly won’t feel so…salesy.

Here’s how traditional pricing discussions go:

You talk to a potential client, and you explain what you can offer, how your services works, what he or she can expect (how many calls/emails, phases of work, length of contract), etc. And then you say, “My rate is RXXX.00.”

Your client either says yes, no or (the kiss of death) maybe.

Let’s turn that around, and rather than focus on what they will get from YOU, take a look at what they will achieve when they hire you.

For a VA, this is not that difficult. Talk money. How much more profit will your client make when they hire you? If your fee is R1,000 per month, but you can show them how to increase their sales by R3,000 per month, then your price is inconsequential. They will earn it back three times over, not only while you’re actively working with them, but for the rest of their business life.

Who wouldn’t jump on that with both feet?

What you’re doing here is not talking about the cost of your services, but rather the cost of not hiring you. Because if they don’t’ work with you, they are going to lose R3,000 per month.

You just have to find a way to show your clients the cost of their inaction.

Inaction (to your potential client) might mean years of feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. Imagine what it might be worth to your client to lift that depressing burden forever?

You just have to paint the picture.

What will life/business look like without your services, and what can it look like with you? Once they see the difference, pricing becomes nearly irrelevant.