What Every VA Really Wants for Christmas

Member feature: by Susan of VA Connect


They say hard work pays off and I thought about what I need that can make the “pay off” so much sweeter.  As VA I realised I need a gift registry to make my life easier, and why not for Christmas.  Family and Friend, please look up and take notes!


Everyday technology to make our life easier:

Apple’s list is endless, but here are a few items I would love to have.  You can shop online if the rush of Christmas is to much for your nerves (I prefer this option) Click here for online shopping

  • The Apple watch: You can walk, be in a shop, in the car, even at home and never miss a call or text. We know VA’s need to be ready and available all the time.
  • The Laptop MacBook: With this compact and beautiful design you will look and feel professional and your work can travel with you anywhere.

With the Logitech 1080P desktop camera, you can speak face to face with your client and for group online meetings, no more wondering how your clients look. Just remember, you should always look your best, test the camera and view yourself before login 🙂

The Blue vet microphone for that host of podcast so that you can make  clear recordings.


My choice for the VA’s time to relax:

As I struggle to switch off, the following 2 ways still make me take a back seat and relax:

  • Kindle for those VA’s that loves reading and the choice in books they can get right there.
  • Airpods: And when you feel overwhelmed and exhausted, put on your airpods, listen to binaural beats and Itunes, and let Apple swift you away to dreamland.


For office gift ideas:

Please buy me a good office chair for comfortable work.

Desk with enough space to work on and enough file space for filing.

Foot stool for those long hours just for comfort.

Lamp that has enough light.

Massive dry erase board if you’re the one that likes to keep an eye on your work.

Coffee mug warmer, for those long hours VA’s spend in front of computer or desk and sometimes get up only for a little while.

Business  gifts

Investing in your VA and their business is sometimes the best investment you can make, so by encouraging them you can give them the next jump in your business.

Extra paid vacation, VA’s do need time and that always helps to stimulate them for the next workload and show them your trust in them.


And then just for something to consider even if it is not for the VA’s:

For the ladies:

Shopping gift cards because some ladies do like to shop.

Massage gift card, for a relaxing time of no thinking.

Fitbit, so that your VA know you care about their wellbeing and health.

Hair gift card, ladies like looking and feeling good and it gives us a boost.

For the men:

Fishing trip, depends on how well you know your VA.

Sport tickets, so that they can entertain themselves.

Shopping gift card, men like looking neat in an outfit.

Airbnb gift card, so he can take a break for a weekend.

Nice watch, men like looking sleek.


Some other gifts can be found here:

As the holidays are getting closer I think a bit of spoiling is always a nice way to show appreciation towards the people that are working for you.  Not that Christmas is a time for presents, but rather spending a relaxing time with family and friends.  Show love and appreciation and remember to take care of yourself and others.  And as VA, I will still log in and make sure my clients are taking care of, because during the year they showed appreciation with kind words and emails.


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