What’s in a Name?

Member feature by : Felicia Sikhetane of Virtual Hand Admin Services

A lot, for us at least. We love names and like most of you, I love asking people what’s the story behind their names and I often ask companies why they chose their names. Because a story behind the name says a lot.

Parents may name their child based on what’s happening at the time – Bongani/Lebogang for example, they are grateful, then there’s Ntombifuthi/ Moshemanegape meaning another girl/boy. I can list many other fascinating examples. Can you think of other interesting names and the stories behind them…Nomthandazo, Ntombizodwa, etc?

That’s how we came up with our name – Virtual Hand.

Hands are important, so much is done with them – cook, comfort, help and communicate! Yes over 4 million South Africans are deaf and use their hands to communicate. This community is very close to my heart. Therefore, when thinking about the core reasons we offer services to our prospective clients- lending a hand, helping, supporting, being hands on – the image of a hand came up a lot. Because we love to see others success and love to roll up our sleeves and help. We can virtually help anyone, anywhere remotely or in person. Therefore, Virtual Hand Admin Services was born.

Our intention is to offer exceptional administrative and creative help to entrepreneurs, businesses, and managers. What a great way to get paid for what you love right!

What’s behind your name, your business name?

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