Why a Virtual Assistant

Member Blog Feature: by Jutta of V-Assist

Over the years VA opportunities have grown and technology has enabled this to become the way to do business.

Observing first-hand how many businesses struggle with the admin part of their business, has motivated me to offer my expertise on an hourly basis.

Travel is very admin intense, so I learnt early on to ensure this is done properly and effectively.  Filing and databases are an essential aspect of business, so managing and utilizing this effectively is critical. Reports, minutes, transcribing and general office duties as well as running errands, ensuring you keep in touch with clients and friends on birthdays, making appointments and email management are crucial to success, yet incredibly time consuming.

You need to be making money in your business doing what you are passionate about and let someone else manage the mundane yet essential office work.

So far we have assisted clients with :

  • Minutes
  • Transcribing
  • Filing
  • Basic quoting and invoicing
  • Database updates
  • Cold calling
  • Booking appointments with clients and service providers
  • Shopping
  • Running errands
  • Ordering gift deliveries
  • Birthday calendars
  • Social media campaigns
  • Monthly events
  • Launch of new product event
  • Research
  • Blogging

A Virtual Assistant saves you money in many ways as she only gets paid by the hour:

  • No office space
  • No teas/coffees
  • No maternity leave/ leave pay
  • stationary, computers, printers for V-Assist’s account
  • No Sick leave
  • No induction costs
  • No staff insurance
  • No Payroll
  • No Medical aid
  • No Pension Fund

A Virtual Assistant is a wonderful solution to getting the mundane work done and relatively minimal costs.

For more on Jutta and how her business V-Assist can assist you, please do visit our members page.