Why Successful Entrepreneurs Always Choose Extra Help in Their Business

Member feature: by Jenni of VA Connect

Ever looked at those successful Entrepreneurs who seem to have everything under control, time on their hands to spend developing their business and taking it to new heights, while still finding time for family and socialising and really wonder just how they manage to have it all running like a well oiled machine.


The clue is in the heading.  A combination of three words in one sentence (or rather conscious choice) – successful, always, help.


Cost Reduction

Did you mention savings????   Absolutely.   We are always looking for ways to save on costs which have an impact on our bottom line, and employee costs are something that a business can overspend on if not done in the right manner.  Now I am not saying don’t hire employees, but if you are in a situation where you need certain skills for a limited period of your working hours, then looking outward to take on a Virtual Assistant is definitely the way to go.


Virtual Assistants are already established and experienced in the services they offer.  They work independently and not as an employee, therefore there are no additional costs of employment like statutory costs etc, just the “Rate for Services” charge.  They are self-employed and operate online from their place of business which means you don’t even have to provide a place for them to work.  Taking this into account, along with the saving on costs of downtime due to leave and absences, this is good reason to sit up and take note.

Time Saving

Time is the one thing that we cannot deal in.  There is only so much of it for everyone equally and we are always hearing about how we spend it is up to us.  True.  A lot of unnecessary time is not only spent but LOST on business owners getting tied up in tasks that deviate from the main core of their business, doing things that can easily be taken care of by outsourcing.  This gives Entrepreneurs time to concentrate on what they do best – the thing that sparked their passion and zest to start that business in the first place and the time to concentrate on building their business.  How many times do you find yourself saying “I need more hours in my day”.   Get yourself back those hours.  Successful Entrepreneurs know this and have their Virtual Assistants take care of the tasks that detract their focus from their specialities.


Letting Go

One of the hardest things that some business owners experience is the letting go of control.  After all, who can look after your “baby” the way that you can?  Who has its interests at heart the way you do?   Successful Entrepreneurs know that a Virtual Assistant is also a business owner with a good understanding of how important a business is to its owner.  They have their own reputation and integrity to uphold and as this is the core of their business, work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your interests are top priority in carrying out their tasks.


With the above in mind, it is easy to see that having a Virtual Assistant working alongside you is not only an investment but also a wise business decision.


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