Why successful entrepreneurs always choose extra help in their business

Member feature : by Michelle Wilbraham from VA Connect


If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll know that deciding what your priorities are is extremely important. Where should you be spending most your time and energy? During the start-up phase of most businesses, the budget is tight. Even if you need some extra help during this busy time, the thought of hiring a personal assistant may still seem like an unwarranted or unaffordable cost if you’re just starting out.

As an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to try out every newly touted business service that is supposed to make you more productive. Your money may be limited, and your time certainly is. Finding services to improve your productivity is about finding the right VA fit.

There are specific tasks that a VA can manage. Juggling those tasks by yourself won’t add any value to your business, but by delegating them to a VA, you will definitely reap the benefits.

If you’re working long hours on a regular basis, spending your time on lower value tasks or simply doing work you don’t like or which doesn’t play to your strengths, it might be time to find a VA.

Virtual Assistants are essential to any business

VAs are essentially the internet version of having a personal assistant. They can help you finish your day-to-day menial tasks, repetitive chores, and everything else that isn’t actually what you’re paid to do.

In our modern, electronic, fast-paced society where everything has to be done “yesterday” business owners can sometimes find themselves lost or buried under piles of monthly reports, balance sheets, and similar seemingly crucial routine tasks which soak up the last drop of energy. While some try to accomplish all these tasks single handedly, seeing how they pile up is only exhausting and demotivating.

Working efficiently because of your VA

A VA is simply a professional who provides remote administrative, marketing, editorial, technical, or creative support to clients. VAs have become an increasingly viable option as it has become easier and cheaper to transmit data from one place to another. The reasons behind the increasing availability of VAs are straightforward the same technology that allows an entrepreneur to work from home makes it possible for him or her to efficiently rely on someone working miles away. The internet is full of positive feedback from people who have already tried working with a VA, saying that this decision was a real game changer for their business.

Given the uncertainty that comes with many entrepreneurial endeavors, the flexibility of a virtual assistant can be a major asset. VAs provide you with a way to import on demand, scalable talent into your business on a temporary or long-term basis. They can fill in for specific projects based on their skill sets or regularly commit to a certain number of hours per week or per month, which can be particularly helpful during busy seasons or holiday crunch times.

What can a Virtual Assistant do for you?

The next good reason for hiring a VA is to free you, the entrepreneur, from nonessential tasks. Some of these include:

  • Email filtering, answering emails and keeping track
  • Calendar management
  • Social media management
  • Payroll preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Transcription
  • Conducting online research
  • Transcription
  • Creating invoices & purchase orders
  • Write and send follow up letters
  • Sort expenses and receipts and capture
  • Setting up and coordinating meetings
  • Source products and services
  • Data entry
  • Requesting quotations for client and following up


A VA is the key to helping you save valuable hours each day. To run a successful business, quality time must be pumped into it. Trying to do everything by yourself will burn you out!


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