Why your Virtual Assistant is such a great asset to the team

Member Blog Feature: by Robynne Shields of Admin Inc

I have always advocated the concept of a Virtual Assistant (VA). Not just because I am one, but because it makes business sense.

A VA is a little fairy that gets things done. The person you never see, or seldom do; the person who gets the tasks done, shortening your priority list almost by magic!

Why your Virtual Assistant is such a great asset to the team

Although VA’s don’t need space in your office, working virtually away from your team, if onboarded correctly, they can become just as important as any other member of your team. They are an extension of your team, a resource you know who is always there ready to be reached out too when the team needs to tap into an extra pair of hands.

Effective onboarding

Taking the time to understand the skills your VA has to offer and embedding those into your organisation is key. VA’s bolster your team’s capability working alongside them assisting them with the workload. Just as your team has roles and responsibilities and tasks to fulfil, so does a VA. When bringing on a VA, setting out clearly defined tasks and unpacking the expectations for both the VA and your team will assist in a seamless integration. Team members soon realise the magic in having access to a resource to draw on when deadlines are looming or simply realising the VA is better at getting a proposal together than any of the other team members.

Time and capacity

Very regularly new projects come in that potentially means additional people need to be recruited into the business to assist with the additional workload as not to overburden current teams. Consequently,  bringing in additional people full time doesn’t necessarily make business sense. VA’s are very much like  Independent Contractors. The only difference? They aren’t physically in your office space.

Bringing in a VA when you need additional hands makes business sense as there is no need to start reconfiguring offices space, arranging access to facilities and equipment. It’s a matter of “flipping the switch” and you have instant access to a resource who can get started right away.


VA’s are armed with many skills. Although many have a niche service, many are multiskilled and therefore offer you and your team a wealth of capability, knowledge and skills. Moreover, team members quickly realise VAs are a resource they can depend on, lean on and use as and when.

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