About  VAASA

Long story short

The Virtual Assistants Association of South Africa (VAASA) is a dynamic organization, established in 2016 with a mission to elevate the virtual administrative profession throughout South Africa. Our mission? To champion the needs of businesses, executives, and professionals who appreciate the invaluable support offered by Virtual Assistants. Join us in this exciting journey of redefining the future of virtual assistance!

The founding members of VA Connect and VCS – More Time for YOU are aware of the growing need to connect and assist. They were deeply committed to providing an authentic organisation and developed key skills through many years of experience in a variety of professional roles. Their varied acquired skills and extensive experience ensured that they  could assist others to reach their potential.

VCS and VA Connect recognise the necessity for a South African Association of Virtual Assistants. Somewhere South African VA’s can gather, join and gain the full benefit of ongoing advice and empowerment. A place where South Africans can meet together in the pursuit of excellence in a positive and dynamic way!

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

Our Vision

Our Vision is to shine as the virtual trailblazers of South Africa, renowned for our client-centric dedication and innovation. We aim to be the must-have ingredient for every business, sprinkling our magic in the most delightful way!

Our Mission

Our Mission is like a symphony of awesome goals to ensure excellence in the world of virtual remote administrative professionals. Check out our rockstar mission points:

  • Crafting ethical standards of excellence, setting the gold standard.
  • Elevating the South African Virtual Assistant community to new heights of brilliance.
  • Creating a treasure trove for clients on the hunt for skill-specific VAs across South Africa.
  • Being the go-to source for our VA Members, like the genie in the bottle but even better!
  • Fostering a culture of shared experiences among Virtual Assistants. It’s all about learning and growing together.
  • Guiding our members to run their VA practices like well-oiled machines, with education and perks to supercharge their entrepreneurial spirit, turbocharge wealth creation, and boost economic development in style.

Our Core Values

The Virtual Assistants Association of South Africa (VAASA) holds these core values in high regard:

  • We cherish diversity, uphold the dignity and values of every individual.
  • We conduct ourselves with unwavering integrity in all our interactions, be it with clients, colleagues, vendors, or anyone else.
  • Collaboration is at the heart of our approach, fostering a spirit of teamwork and cooperation.
  • We are fully committed to delivering an accountable service that stands in the bright light of transparency.
  • We steadfastly adhere to the loftiest ethical standards in all that we do.

Our Objectives

The goals of the Virtual Assistants Association of South Africa (VAASA) are as follows:

  • First, we’re on a mission to spread the word about our fantastic association and invite South African Virtual Assistants to join our dynamic community.
  • But that’s not all! We’re also all about turning the spotlight on Virtual Assistants and letting the South African business community and media know just how incredible and indispensable they are. Let’s make some noise together!


Our Code of Ethics

The Virtual Assistants Association of South Africa (VAASA) is unwavering in our commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct. Our esteemed Code of Ethics serves as a guiding beacon for our members, who pledge to:

  • Adhere to this Code of Ethics as an integral condition of their membership.
  • Exercise unwavering integrity, honesty, and diligence in the execution of their professional responsibilities.
  • Safeguard the interests of their fellow professionals and clients, refusing any involvement in illegal or unethical activities.
  • Steer clear of any agreements or actions that may compromise the interests of their clients or cast a shadow on their professional capabilities.
  • Keep confidential information obtained during their duties strictly protected, using it neither for personal gain nor in a manner detrimental to their clients or any other party.
  • Continually update and enrich their knowledge, skills, and technical competencies, ensuring their expertise remains at the cutting edge.
  • Uphold conduct that only enhances the reputation of VAASA and the Virtual Assistance profession at large.
  • Maintain a profound awareness of their responsibilities as professionals toward the broader community.

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