Submit a Request for Proposal to get the Virtual help you need

Finding the right kind of help for your business can be as tricky as training that person to provide the level of support you require.

Submitting the right kind of RFP (request for proposal) can either speed up or delay the entire process. So what kind of elements make for a great RFP?

In this blog we’ll show you, the entrepreneur, the kind of data to include to ensure that the recruitment process is speedy and as pain-free as possible.

Go into detail

Be prepared to go into as much detail as possible. It goes without saying that the more specific you are the less room there is for error. Examples of the kind of specifics required:

  1. How much time per day / week is required on your tasks
  2. The nature of the tasks
  3. The level of input required from your VA
  4. What kind of skillset does she need?
  5. Is there particular software that she needs to have access to or have experience on?
  6. Does she need to have experience in a certain field or industry?
  7. Is there a particular time zone you prefer your VA to be in?

How to work with your VA

Please understand that your Virtual Assistant is a business owner too, therefore please don’t treat her as an employee. As she is also running a business her fee structure could be different to other VA’s. The idea behind the RFP is to filter through the VA businesses presented to you so that you can find the right match for you and your business. You want to work with someone that aligns with your vision and will bring the most value to the table.

See the long play

One of the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant is that you don’t have long term commitments. On the other hand, you ideally want to build a good working relationship with your VA so that she can continue to contribute positively towards your business, not just for the short term. When submitting your RFP think of the future and the kind of positive impact your VA can have on your business and your day. Consider the kind of training and input you’ll be giving your VA, so you want to ensure that you have found a long-term partner for your business and it’s growth.

All the best with your RFP as you look at securing an amazing Virtual Assistant to help you grow and strategise your business!