Use a Virtual Assistant for Office Support

Reliable, skilled and competent office support is important for business growth. A secretary can help you keep to your schedule and manage the front office, but what about the day-to-day support that you need? Things such as:

  • Email management
  • Client management
  • Staff management
  • Social media
  • Event planning
  • Blogs, newsletters and website management

So many of these tasks are either taken up by business owners themselves or handed over to the office secretary. This means time take away from priority tasks or large-scale projects.

When companies withhold on proper office support, the results are often problematic. Your secretary may not be skilled to manage email or social media, and if you give her these tasks, she can cause a much bigger mess.

Here’s what you need: A Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants or VA’s specialise in many fields, but many offer superior administration and office support. They have honed their skills and come with many years of experience working in a traditional office environment. Most choose to transition to virtual work for a work-life balance. This means that you have access to superior office support without having to spend a dime on a full-time employee.

Other benefits of VA’s:

  • They work flexible hours and so are available when you need them
  • You don’t pay company benefits
  • Pay by the hour or per project
  • You are not tied to contracts
  • Avoid the hassle of hiring a full-time employee

Here’s a perfect example of how a VA has provided office support:

Sam runs a business that plans an international conference once a year. This involves booking venues, food, décor, accommodation and not forgetting flights. It also involves research, managing attendance, transport and other technicalities for a smooth running of this event.

While most businesses will allocate this role to the company secretary or to another employee, Sam hired a Virtual Assistant to do the job.

What he found was that work was completed on time, with attention to detail and it didn’t cost him an arm and a leg. His VA dedicated herself to the conference because she was hired solely to attend to that. Had Sam used one of his employees, their attention would have been divided between their daily work and the conference, often leading to errors and mishaps.

Sam hired his VA for one conference and was so happy with her that he kept handing out more tasks. This is generally what happens when someone hires a VA. They are so satisfied that they start to see a VA as a valuable addition to their team.

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