This is for the Entrepreneurs who want a Secret Weapon to Stay at The Top

Congratulations, you are one of the progressing, up and coming, exciting, bold and rocking entrepreneurs in Africa.  You have launched your business and know your market.  You have a business plan and a bank account.  As a result, you are out there earning bucks…  In short, you’ve navigated the first steps.  So now, to stay in the ‘Success Stratosphere’ you need to stay ahead!

How to Develop Your Business

In order to ‘stay ahead’, you have to now concentrate on developing your business.  There are numerous blogs, helpful tips and advice on how to develop your business.  Most of these reiterate the golden rule about keeping overheads low.  Yes, we all agree, this is an extremely important part of any business venture – keeping costs to a minimum.  Unless you have unlimited funds you know how easily and frighteningly fast expenses rise and can threaten to drown your dreams of sustainable success.

Get People To Work For You

So what is it you need to do? To quote an expert on the subject of business growth “your business needs more help, knowledge and professional skills than you have time for.  Get people to work for YOU”.  Ok, cool, you need people to work for you.   You need to get ahead, you want to win the race, you want to be on top, you want to stay in the success stratosphere.

Catch 22

You need to keep your overheads at a minimum, therefore how can you employ someone?  You don’t have time to do the work yourself and are too busy doing the important things like seeing clients and selling.  As a result, emails are snowballing and threatening an avalanche in your inbox.  However, you don’t have time let alone office space to employ an administrator, plus you want to keep expenses down man!  Consequently, it can become a Catch 22 situation, damned if you do and damned if you don’t.   You are stumped.  What can you do?  Well, you do what all the successful business owners worldwide have been doing for a while now and OUTSOURCE!

Virtual Assistants Are The Secret Weapon for a Successful Business

Yes, outsource!  In other words hire a Virtual Assistant.  This is the secret that successful business people all over the world have been using for a good few years now.  Finally, Africa is catching on.  There is no need to employ someone, pay a salary and worry about UIF and PAYE.  You too can have the benefit of using a Virtual Assistant to assist your business.

The benefits of using a Virtual Assistant are numerous:

You don’t outlay for office space or equipment.

VA’s have their own. This saves YOU rent, internet expenses, electricity, computer.  As a result, hiring a VA can save as much as 40% in business expenses!

Only pay for the time that is spent on your task.

NO lengthy tea or lunch breaks nor smoke breaks eating into work hours. You don’t have to pay for sick days or leave.

Concentrate on the important things you need to do.

Let your VA do the mundane tasks that have been threatening to overwhelm you.  VA’s can do those non-essential tasks such as:

  • phone call coverage
  • Email filtering
  • Calendar management
  • Diary management
  • Presentations
  • Report Summaries
  • CRM updates
  • Social media management
  • Invoicing
  • Bookkeeping


How many of you are organised?  Have you even had the time to do any organising?  Don’t worry, your VA is organised and can organise you!  VA’s are brilliant at organising and can assist you with project management, file sharing, time keeping and diary management.  Your VA will set up a virtual office to make it simple for you to delegate work, track performance and communicate frequently.  This enables you to be more productive and you get more work done.  Your business grows.

VA’s have experience and competency.

You don’t have to spend much time training them.

VA’s are flexible.

This means they fit in with YOUR business and hours that suit YOU.

Specialised Skills

In this day and age, VA’s are no longer limited to personal assistant or secretarial services.  The need for specialised and technical skills have opened up the VA industry.  You will now find VA’s with specialised skills in

  • SEO
  • Website management
  • Blogging
  • Software Development
  • Medical, legal and audio transcription
  • Translation services
  • Content management services
  • Market Research
  • Data protection and security
  • Inventory Management
  • Property Management

These are just some of the services currently in demand now.  What these specialised skills mean is that you, as an entrepreneur, can build up a team of VA’s that cover different areas of your business.

You have a common goal.

Hiring a VA has so many benefits with the main result being that you can build up a partnership with your VA that will consequently become the cornerstone of your successful business.  Remember that VA’s are self-employed and it is in their best interest to perform professionally and at a high level in order to maintain your business, this means your relationship becomes a symbiotic ecosystem.  In other words, you both benefit from communicating and collaborating with your common goal being a successful, professional partnership that rewards both of you.

Your VA is a business asset that lowers business expenses without compromising your productivity.  Using a Virtual Assistant can take your business to the next level which is exactly where you want to be!